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Today's Exercise: Rung 8. I don't know why, exactly, but running on the blanket is considerably harder than running on the floor. Or so it seems.

Raymond and I had one hand worth playing in the first rubber... we bid up to 3NT after a four-suit auction, and he inexplicably decided to bid 4NT. I assumed that, since I'd jump-shifted earlier, he had a suit in mind and just hadn't bothered to support it, so I bid 5D to indicate my one ace, and I think that's when he realized that Blackwood is no good for notrump contracts. I taught him about Gerber, and then he went down two in diamonds due to failing to pull trump. In the second rubber, we managed to make a 3NT, and I declared a furious 1C... yes, a whole 1C. Fortunately, I had five. They missed bidding a couple of slams, and there was one where they bid 4 and made 6... it should have been 5, but after Raymond led a spade, he didn't lead another one for me to ruff. He led clubs instead, which we all knew Mike was out of. But I explained afterward (in my usual frustrated way) what had gone wrong... I'm sure I make people feel bad when I play with them, and I really need to work on that. But I've had garbage pretty consistently for over three weeks now. Even making that 3NT we didn't bid wouldn't have changed anything.

Today's Metroid Prime 2: I lost against the Boost Guardian twice. That guy is HARD! He likes to spend most of the time in his liquid form, which means he's not attacking me, but I can't hurt him and my energy is slowly draining the entire battle. I'll probably try again after I finish the entry... Hey! Spring of Trivia comes on soon.

Had a very stressful discussion with someone online today, and I feel a bit better for it. I have no idea how he feels at this point, but I think it's best if I don't ask until tomorrow. I also spotted the new draft of that story I mentioned a while back by twh... at least, I think I mentioned it... that takes place after the end of Ocarina of Time. I'd made a suggestion about the ending of the story, and while I haven't taken the time to carefully reread it yet, it looks like he took my suggestion. I've marked it for reading tomorrow evening, when I'll hopefully have a bit more time. As for my own writing, I gave Akane a line of dialogue that will completely change the tone of the rest of the scene from what I'd intended. But that's what this rewrite is all about... keeping myself in as much suspense as everyone else is.

Oh... my nearly week-long process of generating data for the upcoming unit test is done. Tomorrow, I have to turn it into a form I can use. I think it'll be fun, actually... I get to make a Perl script to convert binary into the formatted hex I need (it changes the order of the bits), then render the data I have into binary to put into the script. Shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully not as boring as what I was doing... I won't need to look at the standard nearly as much now that the data's all in one place.

Time to go play.

EDIT: After half an hour of repeatedly going to the arena and fighting, I finally figured out the secret I'd never caught in the Normal mode and beat the damn thing. Man, it's easier when you do it the right way! Or maybe this way only works in Hard mode....

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