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Today's Bridge: The opponents started with 3S with an overtrick, then 2NT just made. We struck back with 4H with an overtrick (we had a better fit in clubs, but I figured ten tricks would be easier than eleven), then a 3NT that probably shouldn't have made. I opened 1NT on S J-x-x H A-K D A-Q-9 C K-8-x-x-x, so when Ken raised me to 2NT, I felt comfortable going for game - the strong doubleton and long clubs seemed worth the gamble. Sadly, Ken's hand was S x-x H x-x-x D K-x-x-x C A-9-x-x, a point shy of our range for invitation and our spades are wide open. Fortunately, the opening lead was a low diamond, and the highest one Dan H. could manage was the 6. What I should have done was played the queen as a deceptive play - Dan C. might well have led low from A-J-10-x, but not from Q-J-10-x or A-Q-J-10-x. Then again, since I would only be hiding the nine, it might have looked suspicious. The plan was to run a club to Dan H.'s hand, hoping that he'd return a diamond rather than a spade. However, Dan C. played the queen, so I had to cover, and Dan H. played the jack. I led another club back, hoping that Dan C. would continue diamonds when I threw him in with the ten of clubs, but Dan H. had it - he'd falsecarded, and the suit was 2-2. That gave me 11 tricks, and only the clever deceptive play I avoided could have ended up with fewer. They started the next rubber with 5D and an overtrick, then had an interesting auction. Dan C. opened 1S and Ken overcalled 3C. Dan H. passed, and with S K-8 H 9-x-x-x-x D A-x-x-x C K-x, I didn't see the need to raise the pre-empt. Dan C. bid 3NT, which looked like a great contract to defend, and Dan H. corrected to 4S. That, I wasn't too eager to defend, so I doubled, hoping that Ken would correct to any suit at the 5-level. Instead, he let it go and led a diamond, having taken my double for a lead-direct. Dummy was S Q-x-x-x-x H A-J D K-Q-J-x C x-x. (Why he didn't just bid 4S over the pre-empt, I'll never know.) I took the ace and led a diamond back to Dan C.'s ten and Ken's low club. That should have told Dan everything he needed to know - with a singleton spade, Ken would surely have ruffed, and if he has both, there's no way to avoid losing one. If I've got both, the winning play is to cross to dummy and lead a spade, pinning my king. Instead, he cashed the ace, then ran the diamonds, but he had nowhere to pitch his losers. He tried throwing a club on the jack of hearts, but Ken took the queen, and we still had a club trick. I don't know whether we'd have made five of anything, but four spades were theirs for the taking. Finally, they ended up in 2NT, and we mounted a spectacular defense. Ken started with a low diamond through S Q-x H Q-x-x D A-7-x C A-Q-10-x-x to my S K-10-x-x H A-10-9-x D 6-4 C J-x-x. I did my best by putting up the six, but Dan took the jack and led back the eight. Ken ducked that, so Dan switched to a spade to the queen. I took the king so I could lead a low heart, hoping that Ken would have the king. Indeed he did, and he wisely led back a diamond instead of a heart, on which I had to throw a club to preserve my holdings in the majors. I think Dan followed with the queen of hearts, so I covered and led a low spade to Ken's ace, allowing him to cash his remaining diamonds. I ended up getting the ten of spades and the last heart, but then dummy took the ace of clubs for a two-trick set, putting the opponents 20 points ahead at the end.

Today's Work: We got a new tech writer on the project, and the rest of us are still working on the last few problems. They're almost all done, but we found a complete overhaul in how one of our imported libraries works, and in updating how we call it, we changed a part of the program that needs more testing - like, any at all.

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