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Today's Bridge: Jerry and I started strong, then took a more passive role as Ken and Dan C. blundered into one bad contract after another. I started with S A-x-x H K-Q D J-x-x-x C K-Q-x-x, so I opened 1NT in second seat. Jerry responded 2H, and with a maximum hand and a strong doubleton in his suit, I decided to try 2NT. He left it there with S Q-x-x H A-J-10-x-x-x-x D A-K-x. (I like a 3H response on that - I think we end up in 5H, which is a pretty good contract.) In notrump, I've got ten tricks on top, and on a club lead, eleven. (If the ace comes out, the remaining twelve.) The only lead to give me trouble is a spade, but the queen held the first trick, so I crossed to the K-Q, did some mental math, and led the king of clubs. That held. I had to abandon the clubs now and cross to the diamonds, on which the queen fell. That gave me enough hearts to sluff all of my losers and leave myself with just the top spade and diamond for all thirteen tricks. Jerry finished the game with 3D, and the opponents found a 3NT with two overtricks and no play for slam. But then, things sort of fell apart for them, starting with Ken making a fourth-suit forcing 3D bit, which Dan C. left in. I had K-J-10-8-3 of diamonds, so it wasn't hard to have the last trump and score a couple of undertricks. Dan tried a 3NT, but Jerry had five clubs and Dan had none. A top lead from K-Q-10-x-x through dummy's J-x-x-x to my A-9-x-x would have scored us five tricks off the top, plus my ace of spades and Jerry's top two diamonds, but we managed off three. Finally, Dan played another 3NT opposite a very long spade suit for Ken, but I had A-K-x-x myself. Dan's only heart stopper was the ace, so Jerry threw hearts at him until he was forced to take, and I tossed my little spades. Dummy had both minor aces, but Dan had to bare the ace of clubs while weathering the hearts, so I could have taken one spade, thrown him into dummy with a club, then taken another spade and crossed to Jerry's king so he could claim his last heart, but I didn't want to risk Dan running enough tricks to make the contract, so I just cashed the ace of spades. We still got another two tricks later. I know I got the order of the hands wrong, but ultimately, we picked up a lot above the line in the back half of the rubber.

Today's Work: Just finishing up finishing up - I got everything pretty well wrapped up, but I still need to burn a disc tomorrow morning. That should take care of everything. There are some reviews still technically open, but we can close them.

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