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Today's Bridge: Dan C. and I teamed up again, and while I don't think we did the best in every auction, we played pretty well. I botched the defense in a 3D, figuring my partner's queen of spades lead for a doubleton and declarer for a singleton. A spade ruff, a heart back to my king, and a lead through declarer's void to my partner's might have put declarer under pressure to ruff high, which could promote my three to the jack of trump, and we should still have had another trick in the wings - definitely some top hearts, and if declarer ruffs with the Q-10 of trump in dummy, he can't possibly dislodge my jack. I played 3NT with a 5-3 heart fit - largely my own choosing. I opened 1NT with S x-x H A-Q-x D A-Q-x-x C K-Q-10-x or so, Dan H. overcalled 2C (natural), and Dan C. bid 2H, which I took as natural. I bid 3C, encouraging him to bid spades or diamonds if he had them, but he went straight to 3NT with S A-x-x H J-10-x-x-x D K-x-x C 9-x. It's a bad spade position, but given the auction, I figured the leads would be clubs, and I was right. It was simple enough to set up the hearts, and the diamonds even split. In the final hand, Dan H. opened 1C and Dan C. overcalled 2D. With my S Q-J-9-8-x-x H A-K-x D A-Q-J C J, it was just a question of whether game was in sight, so I bid 2S. He passed with S A H J-x-x-x D 10-x-x-x-x-x C 10-x. The contract was simple enough, but I'm pretty sure 5D would have made - the king of spades was doubleton, so after giving up a club and the king of diamonds, there are enough entries to ruff the spades good and cash them. I had an embarrassment of my own, though - I sacrificed in 3C over Dan H.'s 2NT with A-K-Q-x-x-x of clubs in hand (and no other power to speak of - the doubleton king of spades was about it). If my partner is void of clubs, it's a bad contract, and if he has one, then I might have six tricks on top, enough to set the contract. As it happened, that was the case, but I was off two in the end instead of them being off two. Whoops.

Today's Work: We're closing in on the finish line, mostly, but one effort is still behind. I cleaned up my stuff, and now I'm making tickets for documenting the things we can't fix as release notes.

I made stuffed peppers for dinner - it meant I didn't get to eat until late, but it was all pretty good. I'm just already behind on sleep for the week, and tonight will be a bit late as well.

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