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News, news, news.

What would you do if Osama bin Laden jumped in front of your car with a rifle in his hand? A taxi driver in Costa Rica shot him. But it turned out to be a guy in a mask, with a pellet rifle. Still, it must be learned that if you play pranks, you're going to get shot. That is an unshakeable foundation of our society, and a necessary one.

A python is shipped from Missouri to Secaucus, NJ (home of the fish gutting plant) in a DVD player box, but what I really love about the story is the reaction of the company that received the box. They called the owner to ask if she'd shipped them a snake as a way to express her dissatisfaction with their customer service. (If anyone recognizes the fish gutting plant reference, I will have nearly infinite respect for them from that moment onward. But I doubt anyone will.)

Having a hair of the dog that bit you does not mean biting the dog back. For dogs, being bitten is a playful activity, until it start to hurt, so it's not really effective discipline in any case. When you bite hard enough to draw blood... well, as little as I like dogs, even I don't want to see that happen.

A thief trying to tie a family up with duck tape and steal from them to finance his cocaine addiction is caught by neighbors and duck taped to a pole. No more to say about that, really... good old vigilante justice. When it works, it's even better than the real thing.

Is having twins a genetic trait? Apparently, this family believes it is. Twin sisters each have twin boys due on New Year's Day 2005 but deliver by Caesarean section a few weeks early, on the same day. The doctor says the chances of it happening are a million to one, but loyal Terry Pratchett readers know that million-to-one chances occur nine times out of ten. In the news, just about every story you read is a million-to-one shot, but if it's in the paper, it must have either happened or been made up by someone very convincing. Or posted by someone very inattentive.
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