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Today's Bridge: A few disappointing hands, but it's tough to get upset over most of them. The opponents swept the first rubber in two hands, then made another game. Dan H. finally opened 1H when I had the rather amazing S K-8-x-x H A-x-x D K-Q-J-x-x C A. I responded 2D, to name my five-card suit, and over his 2NT, I bid 3S, which should be forcing to game. But he passed with S A-J-7 H 10-x-x-x-x D A C Q-J-10-x. I got really lucky in the play - Ken led the king of clubs, and I decided to leave my holdings in the red suits intact and finesse the jack of spades immediately. It succeeded, so I cashed the ace, preparing to try to pull trump while I still had control. Ken dropped the queen this time, and while it could potentially have been a false card, I didn't think it was likely. I took a long time to think about my next move, and elected to run the clubs while I was still in dummy, before giving up the only remaining entry in diamonds. To my surprise, it was Dan C. who showed out - Ken had led the unsupported king from a seven-card suit. I threw a heart on the first club, and when Dan ruffed the second, I threw the other losing heart. He tried another heart, but that let me pull his last trump, cross to the ace of diamonds, throw my other diamond on the last club, and ruff a heart back to my hand for the good diamonds. Bid three, making six. I would have preferred to be in 4H or perhaps even 5D, which I think depends on just the diamond split and maybe the spade finesse. Then Dan H. opened 2C and Dan C. overcalled 2D while I had S x-x-x-x H x-x-x-x D K-10-x-x C x. The opponents bid up to 5D without naming another suit, and I really wanted to double, but with so little power and no idea what to expect from my partner, I didn't. I found his heart entry when I got in with the king of diamonds, but instead of leading me a club to ruff, he just cashed his other top heart, content with a one-trick set when I had two more ruffs waiting. My final hand was S A-J-3 H K-Q-J-9-7-x D 4 C A-K-x, so I opened 1C. Ken unexpectedly overcalled 1H, which was passed around to me. We probably could have set it, but I felt compelled to double, and Dan naturally took it out to 2D. I don't know whether I would have bid 2NT or, my preference, 2H to ask him to choose a black suit, but Dan C. bid 2S, and I decided not to double again, lest my partner try rebidding his diamonds. I led my diamond, and probably still reeling from the excoriation on the previous hand, he led back a diamond for me to ruff. I led a heart to his void and got another diamond ruff, after which I probably should have cashed my winners - when he ruffed the second heart and led a third diamond, I had to ruff with the ace and Dan got rid of one of dummy's two club losers. I think we could have managed a three-trick set.

Today's Work: Random problems out of nowhere - we've identified where at least one of them lives, but we don't yet know what's causing it, so maybe we'll find out tomorrow. We're running very low on time to accomplish the work, though.

My eyesight has been blurry the past few days, and this morning, I confirmed that it's not hyperglycemia. I'll try cleaning my glasses to see whether that helps, but I may have to see an eye doctor sooner than I thought.

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