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Maybe it's the fajitas

Today's Bridge: I got off to a bad start, but we made up for it later. I started with S A-J-10-x-x H A-K-9-x-x D K C x-x. I opened 1S, and I think Jerry overcalled, but Dan C. responded 2S, and I jumped to game based on my distribution. The opening lead was a low heart into S Q-8-7 H J-x D J-x-x-x C A-10-x-x or so. I put in the jack because it couldn't hurt, and Ken played the ten. That clearly marked Jerry with the queen, so I led the other heart, hoping to score a ruff before pulling trump to help set up the heart suit. Instead, Ken ruffed with the three and returned a club, which I had to take. I ran the queen of spades, my only hope at that point, but Jerry covered and led another heart, ruffed and overruffed with the nine. Ken took the ace of diamonds and king of clubs for the two-trick set. Clearly, the heart lead was a mistake, but I think I also should have started trump with a low lead to the jack. The problem of Ken having the king wasn't nearly as pressing as the likelihood of an overruff with the nine, and having the queen in dummy would have prevented that. There aren't enough trump out for the nine to promote. I had S A-x H K-x-x D K-Q-x C A-J-9-x-x in the next hand, so I opened 1NT. Dan C. responded 2C, so I bid 2D. He passed with S x-x-x-x H Q D A-x-x-x C K-10-x-x - apparently, he forgot about Stayman, something I wouldn't have expected. Anyway, holding up on the spade lead wouldn't have helped, so I took my ace and led three rounds of trump, leaving Jerry holding the jack. My best option seemed to be clubs, and even though I had no way to cut the opponents' communication, I decided to start with clubs and finesse Jerry for the queen, just to keep him out of the lead. Ken showed out on the first club, so I had no trouble making four tricks, although I had to end up in dummy. With eight tricks in the bank, I had nothing better to do than lead the queen of hearts, and Ken covered. Somehow, I got the king of hearts without Jerry getting back in the lead, so the nine of clubs promoted dummy's last diamond for a tenth trick. We finished the game after that, and the opponents bent over backwards trying to keep us from a second. I even risked a late 4C bid on the ace to five and Dan C.'s early takeout double to push them up into 4S, ultimately off two. One highlight was Jerry responding 2D over 1NT, ending up in 5H, because he'd forgotten about Jacoby Transfers. 3NT would have been pretty easy, but Ken couldn't avoid losing three trumps and a diamond.

Today's Work: Largely just continuing the same thing I did yesterday. One iteration takes well over an hour, and I've got a few dozen to get through.

I woke up with a nasty cough, but made it through the day, and I was pretty tired through most of it. I'm hoping for good sleep tonight.

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