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My health can't decide which kind of bad it wants to be

Today's Bridge: It wasn't going to be as decisive as yesterday, of course. Jerry and I teamed up against Ken and Dan H., and they started with a 3H that looked doomed, but the spade split was pretty wild and I may not have defended my best. I made a 2S next, endplaying Ken for an overtrick, and then picked up S A-K-10-9-x H J-x-x-x D A C Q-10-x. Jerry opened 1NT, and I was definitely strong enough to bid Stayman 2C. His 2H response was promising, but I saw no reason not to bid 2S to explore a bit more. He next bid 3D, which was promising enough that I decided to jump straight past game and invite slam with 5H. Sadly, with S Q-x H K-Q-x-x D x-x-x-x C A-K-x, he passed, and then he miscounted the spades at the end and conceded the jack to just make the contract. (I think he probably would have lost three if we'd played it out, but since he's got three clubs, three spades, and a diamond on top, it's pretty simple to ruff a spade when the jack doesn't fall, scoring a fourth spade and a fifth heart. The slam makes easily on a 3-2 split.) Still, that was game, and we set the opponents a few times as they tried to score a second game or stop us from scoring ours. They went for 4C off two when I don't think we quite had three of anything. Finally, I opened with S K-Q-x-x H A-Q-8-x D 6 C A-K-9-x, which was a nice, strong 1C. Jerry predictably responded 1D, and Ken cut in with 1S. I didn't want to have to bid a four-card suit at the two level, but I couldn't bid notrump with a singleton diamond, and I really didn't want to pass and risk defending such a low-level contract. So I doubled. Jerry got the hint and bid 2D, which Ken doubled, and sensing problems, I bid 2NT. Jerry raised me to 3NT, and Ken doubled that too. Jerry's S x-x-x H 7 D K-J-10-8-x-x C Q-10-6 or so gave me little hope, but I did my best. Dan led the five of clubs, and Ken threw a spade. I went up with the ace to give myself two dummy entries in clubs, then led my diamond, hoping Dan had the queen. The finesse failed, and Ken led a heart, which I ducked to Dan's ten. He led back a spade to my queen, and I had little option but to cross to dummy with a club and lead the king of diamonds to Ken's ace, while Dan sluffed. Ken led the jack of hearts, covered with the queen and king. (I don't think I had a chance unless Ken had the king anyway.) Dan returned another heart to Ken's nine and my ace, and I didn't see a way to get the rest, but there was an obvious line to hold it to off one. I crossed to dummy's last club and led a spade back toward my king. Ken took the ace, but he had to choose between leading up to the 10-8 of diamonds remaining in dummy, giving me the king of spades on the last trick, or putting me in with a spade to cash my king of clubs and eight of hearts. That still put us 200 points ahead for the day.

Today's Work: I've got a rather tedious task this sprint, so I'm giving it my all. I'm also hoping there's opportunity to jump into some other things people are working on along the way, just to break up the monotony. I hate problems that we don't know how to recreate, exactly.

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