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It's finally getting warm

Today's Bridge: Mostly pretty good for our side, given pretty terrible hands. Jerry opened 1C in one hand, and Dan H. jumped to 3C to show a singleton club and four of everything else. Jerry got confused and passed. With S J-10-x-x-x H J-x C K-10-x-x-x-x, I certainly wasn't going to say anything else. I don't know whether we could have managed more than off four, but I don't think I defended as well as I could have. I jumped into one hand with 2C on S 4-2 H K-10-x-x D K-Q C A-Q-9-7-x, and Brent left me there with S J-x-x-x H A-8-x-x D A-J-10-x C 4. I think 2D would have been an interesting response (Dan H. had opened 1D, but that could be on a 2-card suit), or 2H intending to leave me if I shifted to 2S. As it was, the opening lead was the jack of hearts, which ran to my king (I probably should have taken the ace so I could finesse against Jerry's queen later). I cashed the king of diamonds, then covered the queen and threw my spades on the J-10, with Jerry ruffing the final diamond. He led a spade, which I ruffed low, and I crossed to the ace of hearts, my sixth trick. All I needed to do was lead the club from dummy and finesse the nine (unless Jerry had played a higher club, which I would have covered), and no matter which black suit Dan led, I'd have my eight. He led a spade, which I ruffed, and when I underled the ten of hearts, he ruffed and led another spade, giving me both the ace and queen of clubs. (I think he should have ducked - I'd already shown two spades and two diamonds, and my bidding showed five clubs, so I clearly had at most four hearts, leaving Jerry with either the queen or the ten. Had I led the ten, it might have been from Q-10, which would be worth a ruff.) The opponents made the first game, and then I opened a bit light on S Q-10-x-x H A-x D x-x C K-Q-10-x-x, but when Brent jumped to 2S, I went right to game. He had it, but he threw it away - he took the club lead with the king, then pulled four rounds of spades, so far so good. Then he cashed the ace of hearts and queen of clubs, crossed to his ace of clubs, and took the ace of diamonds, conceding the last four tricks with two good clubs in dummy. When both opponents had followed to the first club, it was a laydown - pull trump, cash the ace of clubs, and cross to the king. If there's one more club out, pull it - no matter which red suit is led back, the two red aces and a club go along with the four spades and three clubs he's already taken. The opponents ended with a grossly underbid slam - Jerry had something like S A-K-J-x-x-x-x C A-x-x-x-x-x, and Dan had one club and two little spades. The only way we could have taken a trick at all would have been for me to lead the singleton queen of spades, when dummy's bid was 1NT. Not much call for pulling trump in that auction.

Today's Work: Mostly learning that a lot of what I've been working on doesn't really matter because we still don't have the requirements for it. We had some excitement when our management tools locked us out for an hour or so, but that was dealt with. So was the excessive heat, which never got quite bad enough to send me home with heatstroke, but it came close.

I forgot to do the laundry yesterday, so I had to do that this evening. It may or may not finish in time to put the clothes away before bed, but the last load will, at worst, sit in the dryer overnight. I have enough clothes for tomorrow, and that's enough.

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