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Today's Bridge: It was a very good day for Jerry and me. The opponents started with a 4S that only missed being a slam because I had two diamonds to cash. I gave up a ruff and sluff on the third because I figured a ruff from Jerry was our only hope for a fourth trick, even though he hadn't shown a doubleton, but I don't think I lost anything. I could have led my king of hearts to set up the queen, but I believe dummy had enough clubs for Ken to dump his losing heart anyway. I followed that with a game of my own - I had six hearts to the A-K-Q, something like S A-10-x H A-K-Q-7-x-x D J C K-Q-x, so I opened 1C in third seat. Ken overcalled 1D, and Jerry bid 1NT, which in that context still shows 8-10 and balanced. So I jumped straight to 4H. Jerry had S K-Q-x-x H 5-3 D 10-9-x-x C A-x-x or so, so I lost the first diamond, a trump to a bad split, and probably the jack of spades as well. I opened the next hand 1NT, which Jerry raised to 2NT on a very weak hand, the kind that would have been worth an invite over a strong notrump, but Precision uses 13-15. I barely held it to off one. Likewise, we missed by one on the next hand when I miscounted my winners and thought I had enough that I could weather a storm of clubs. I doubt I had a line to make 3D, though. Jerry made a partscore on the next hand, though, and I finished with 2NT with two overtricks - Jerry's hand was worth a raise to game, but we didn't need it and were well short of slam. For our final hand, I had S K-x-x-x-x H K-J-x-x-x D 2 C A-K, which was definitely worth opening 1S. Ken overcalled 2D, Jerry passed, and Dan C. bid 3D. I was definitely top for my bid, so I bid 3H, and Jerry raised to 4H unforced with H A-Q-x-x-x D J-x-x C 10-x-x-x-x. Dan C. doubled, but with the 2-1 trump split, I had enough dummy entries to establish a club over the 4-2 split and dump my losing diamond. Unfortunately, the ace of spades didn't fall, so it was only worth one overtrick, but it was still pretty great. 5D might seem like a decent sacrifice, but there are three entries to my hand for spade ruffs, leaving the opponents off four.

Today's Work: Back to business as usual, I think. It was a relief. I spent most of the day removing files from our installation disc that we hopefully don't need, then tried to recreate an installation problem that we only see occasionally, but that really bothers us when it shows up. There are other efforts happening that I'm just trying to stay on top of.

It was a really late day, and I barely made it home before a fierce but brief thunderstorm. I'm hoping to get to bed a little earlier tonight. Maybe I can get back to a more normal schedule soon, and if not, I can always look forward to medicated sleep over the weekend.

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