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Today's Exercise: Rung 8. Still not much to comment on.

Today's Games: I hung up Jak 3 in favor of Dark Cloud 2 while I watched the cartoons from yesterday, because I didn't need to concentrate as much. I built up LEGEND at last, and all I have left to evolve to its final form is the Steal Gun... but first, I'm trying to get a Pocklekul with Wealth to get rid of that nasty, nasty Poverty. Then I'll start building up the attributes it needs to evolve into the Supernova. Then it was back to Kyrandia 3 to complete the game on one of the three paths (I'll save the other two for another day), and then some Metroid Prime 2 on Hard mode. Believe me, when they say Hard, they mean it. I'm still trying to beat the first boss, and it isn't even much of a boss. Still, when I haven't had the chance to find an Energy Tank yet and this enemy takes off some 40 per attack... that doesn't really give much room for error.

Today's Rebate progress: I printed out the UPCs for the Dragonball book offer and typed up the information for the return mailing, so that'll go out tomorrow. The rest of the rebates can be safely mailed later in the month, so I'll get those done during the week. I still want to go to Circuit City one evening and get copies of my receipts for the rebates.

Today's Anime: I finished the Slayers DVD... quite a lot I forgot about the middle of the first season. I got to witness Lina smacking Gourry with a sweatdrop, which I probably missed the first time through because I'd only seen a couple of anime series and wasn't familiar with the convention. Definitely at least one episode of Read or Die tonight, preferably two, as soon as My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss is over. Yes, I watch that show, and it's hilarious. The lengths to which they go to pull off the hoax, and the contestants who still don't seem to get the joke. Except there was no verb in that sentence. Oops.

Today's new contact: I managed to catch up with an author who's been trying to score FFnet reviews for a Cardcaptor Sakura story. He's a Tomoyo fan, and he enjoys angst, but his story tried to mix angst with bad comedy. Not a very good combination. Still, if you can overlook the cringe-worthy jokes and author asides, it's a great plot and the characterization works very well for the angst. I'm not going to post a link to it or tell you what story it is just yet... I'll discuss that with him first. We talked about the shortcomings I'd found in the story, and he thanked me for my feedback and agreed that it needed rework... in fact, I speculated that that might be the reason he hasn't been able to start the final chapter yet. It's a story that deserves to be done well, and I'd really like to see that happen. He'll return the favor by reading 52 Curses and letting me know what he thinks later in the week. ^_^ I like getting feedback in general, but I especially like hearing from authors whose skills I respect, and I think there are some authors reading this who know what I mean.

The show's over, and there were some great moments as always. I rather liked this one from Rob, who was booted off the show this week after being the one chosen to shoot at a briefcase with a paintball gun for his team and losing.
ROB: Mr. Todd, if I ever have a paintball gun in my hands, don't come near me.
ME: Why? It's not like you could hit him.

Today's writing: I've been working on ADC chapter 11... no way I'll finish it by that Tuesday deadline, but considering that the intent of setting that was to spur me to start, I think I can be happy with the results. Here's a choice bit after Ranma's said something particularly clever.

Soun sputtered. "Well, when you say that, I...." He turned and grabbed Genma's elbow. "He's your son, Saotome. You set him straight."
Genma rolled onto his back and curled around a giant beach ball. [I'm an ordinary panda.]
"You can't shirk your responsibility that easily!" shouted Soun. "Why do you think Ranma turned out so rebellious? A lack of proper parental discipline, that's why!"
Genma turned the sign around. [His mother's fault.]

And now it's time for the Paper Sisters to do their thing. Twice. Oh yeah.
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