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Today's Bridge: Brent joined us to make up a table, and it was a good thing. We had a fun day. Dan C. and I started with a game, then made a 2H with an overtrick, again with a pair of weak hands that just fitted together well. We defended 3H Dbl when I'm sure we had 4D (for game) in the bag, but I trusted my partner. I had S A-K-x H 2 D K-J-10-x-x C K-10-x-x or so. Dan started with a club to my king and Dan H.'s ace. Dan H. next led a diamond, which ran to my king, and I cashed the king of spades before leading a club for a ruff. I was expecting Dan to lead me back a spade so I could give him another ruff, but he cashed the ace of hearts and then led the queen to Dan H.'s king, establishing a bunch of club trucks for him. He still had the jack of hearts, but he turned a holding that should have been worth four tricks into only three and gave up our second spade winner, as well as some possible diamonds. I figure they should have been off three, but we only managed off one. Very disappointing. I followed by screwing up a 2C that should have been worth a bunch of overtricks - I had S x H K-J-10-x-x-x D K-x C Q-J-10-9 and Dan had S Q-x-x-x H A-x D x-x-x C A-K-8-3 or so. I got a diamond lead, even, and the king won. Unfortunately, I decided to throw dummy's low clubs on the first two rounds of trump, so that when clubs split 4-1, I was blocked in dummy and couldn't get back to my established hearts. I still managed five clubs, two hearts, and the king of diamonds, but that only just made the contract. Dan made a game next, and then I got stuck in 1NT with almost nothing to work with, off three. Dan H. had a really long diamond suit and a surprising amount of power on the side - even A-Q-J-8 wasn't enough to stop the suit, and the eight took the first trick. Finally, I picked up H A-K-9-x-x D A-K-x-x-x C 8-x-x, so I opened 1H. Dan C. responded 1S, predictably, and I had to bid 2D. He bid 2S. Unfortunately, while I was already overbidding, I had to go to 3D, and he tried 3NT. That was clearly going to be a disaster, though, so in desperation, I bid 4C, forcing him to pick a trump suit. He passed with S K-10-9-x-x H Q-x D x-x C K-10-9-3. It's clearly hopeless in 3NT, but I figured I might have a shot. I won the opening diamond lead, and fearing a singleton, crossed to the queen of hearts to ruff an early spade, on which Brent played the queen and Dan the jack. I believe I led the ace of hearts at this point, hoping to throw off the diamond on the king, but Brent ruffed and led a second spade. I ruffed, and Dan dropped the ace. That made all of dummy's spades good, so I didn't need the trump in my hand anymore. I led it just to see what would happen - jack, king, queen. Figuring that Brent was out of trump by now, I led the king of spades, which Dan ruffed. He led his other diamond, and I ruffed a heart back to dummy, probably a mistake. At this point, I had little option but to lead another club - Dan taking the ace and leading a heart puts me in a very bad spot, likely promoting his last trump, but he ducked, and I was home. All I had to do was lead spades until he ruffed with the ace, and dummy's last trump was the entry to the remaining spade, if any. The final hand of the day was a 2NT opener for me, and Dan C. jumped to 4D. We ended up in 6D, and he got really lucky, but ended up making it.

Today's Work: We got a few things wrapped up, but on most things, we fell short. Alas. We'll get it all done next week for sure, but we'll probably have to cut the next sprint short to make up for it, and I don't want to make that a habit.

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