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Hail to me, I guess

Today's Bridge: Dan H. and I teamed up, and it was a good day for Precision. We started with a 3NT - I figured I might be giving up a 4-4 spade fit, but my hand was pretty balanced and Dan had opened 1D. I had game-going values and K-x of diamonds, so I just jumped right to 3NT. I had control throughout, so I started playing toward honors in search of overtricks and ended up with quite a few. We defended 3NT in a goulash and just prevailed, then made a game to end the rubber. The opponents started the next rubber with 4H, but we came into the next hand after we'd both passed to find a pretty good fit in 2H, which made with three overtricks due to the opponents holding up their honors in search of a few more tricks. We had to bid up to 4H in the next hand anyway, since the opponents competed to 4D, but we made that. The final hand was a monster - I picked up S A-Q-9-x-x H K-Q-x D J-x-x C A-Q, and Dan H. opened 1D. My spades weren't quite strong enough to jump, and I didn't want to bid notrump with a five-card major, so I just made do with 1S. He bid 2H, and I had to find a forcing bid. Notrump might have worked, but I went with 3S. He raised me to 4S, and I cue-bid 5C, which Ken doubled. Unfortunately, he stopped at 5S, which Dan C. doubled, and I didn't have the guts to redouble with two missing aces. It's a shame - his S K-J H J-10-x-x D A-K-Q-x C x-x-x makes 6S nearly a laydown from either side of the table, and 6NT would also have been a laydown with me declaring. If Dan declared, it could be defeated with a club lead. As it was, I took the club finesse without thinking beyond the fact that I could afford to lose the king, and I did, but there are five spades, four diamonds, a club, and up to three hearts once the ace comes out - except that there are only twelve tricks left once we've lost the ace. (If Dan plays the slam in spades and gets a club lead, he takes the ace, pulls trump, and can sluff the queen of clubs on a diamond without having to touch hearts.)

Today's Work: Tensions are running high, but it looks like one of the problems I found in my work wasn't actually a problem with my changes at all, but a bigger problem in the software. It's kind of a relief, but also kind of a pain, because it means that the problem I thought I could solve is actually not what the problem is. One more day in the sprint...

There was a really strong, but very brief thunderstorm this evening, with hail about the size of sand grains. Weird.

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