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Bridge with Nerves of Steel

Today's Bridge: Jerry started with a 1D, but the opponents came back with 4H. Two overtricks depended on at least one finesse, but it all worked out for them. So we were a bit behind when I opened on S A-J-10-x-x H x-x-x D K-Q-J C 9-x or thereabouts. I opened 1S, Jerry responded 2C, and I showed my weakness and distribution with 2NT. Jerry raised me to game with S K-x H Q-x-x D x-x-x-x C A-Q-x-x. Minimum facing minimum, that's not a very solid contract, but the opening club lead ran to my nine, which gave me a bit of hope. In an attempt to keep Dan H. out of the lead so he couldn't lead through the queen of hearts, I ran the jack of spades to Ken's queen. He led a heart to the king, but Dan led back another spade. I led a diamond to the king and Dan's ace, and he led a third spade to my ten. After all that, I still didn't have enough tricks, so I had to finesse in clubs. When that worked, I could claim. I put Jerry into a similarly thin 3NT on the next hand, and he made that to clinch the rubber. We couldn't follow that up, though - the next 3NT faced a 7-1 spade split. I had no chance. In 1NT, I could have played for a 3-3 heart split, but needing eight or nine tricks, I had to finesse in diamonds with only K-J-x and 10-x-x-x - the ace was with the spades.

Today's Work: We put a lot into the upcoming sprint, so we'll be busy for the next two weeks. I'm hoping most of it doesn't take as long as we're estimating.

I had a really late evening last night because I wasn't feeling well, and then this morning dragged on until I was half an hour late for work. I stayed late to make up the difference, so now it's a late evening again. I hope I can break the cycle soon.

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