Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Saturday news

First off, I finally beat Metroid Prime 2. I also set up the scanner... I started by opening up the USB2 cable I bought, then discovered that for the first time ever, a USB device that I bought had a USB cable in the box. So I've got an extra USB2 cable, and I don't even have any USB2 ports. I'll have to look into getting one, not that the scanner is at all slow. I can't imagine what good the USB2 could be, unless maybe the ICE photo reconstruction is really slow or something. Anyway, I scanned the Dragonball book, and I'll scan the rest of the receipts and UPCs in a bit. But that's only news to me. Here's what's news to other people that I happen to like.

Some people actually DO call companies, for things like setting up utilities after a move. Naturally, those companies will solicit via phone messages, E-mail, and snail mail. I'm used to them getting my name wrong... everyone else does. But this Melbourne guy got a letter from the utility company he didn't sign up with, addressed to "Paranoid Fool". I've seen scambaiters use names like that, but most normal people don't fall for it. And where did that name come from anyway? Wouldn't a company trying to earn business want to NOT insult its potential future customers?

Some Tacoma preschoolers were doing such a great job of pretending to be dogs that their teacher, an early education student, gave them dog food to eat. Ironically, it came from a display about things that shouldn't be eaten. As Lister once said, "Now I know why dogs lick their testicles. It's to get rid of the taste of the food."

If this list of safety regulations for British workers at Christmastime seems a bit outrageous, you've probably never worked for the U.S. Government. Safety is a big thing. We have a meeting every month to go over the latest set of inane and obvious rules for safety. And the worst part is, people still do those things and still get hurt in stupid ways. Thank god for the Darwin Awards.

You know how the giant inflatable Spongebobs have been stolen from Burger Kings across the country? Of course you do. Everyone does. Well, some of them have been sold on eBay, including one by a Burger King employee who was later asked to return it and lost her job when she couldn't. I've come to understand that some people want the things because of the cheap thrill of the heist... why would anyone actually PAY for one? Why would anyone pay over a thousand dollars for one?

Looks like the party tonight isn't in my plans anymore... Curt's not feeling well, and I can't invite someone else (because his name's on the list for the guest badge), and I don't intend to go alone. No way to let anyone know that I can't go, particularly the gate guards. I don't think it will be a problem, but it means that instead of going out, I'll most likely be spending tonight with my cartoons and maybe Jak 3. Not a bad deal, anyway.

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