Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

They're called "ghoulie" hands, I hear.

Today's Bridge: We managed to find a new player interested enough to join us and learn a bit, and he's another Ian. He was on defense the entire time, which hopefully helped him get the idea of the game a bit better than declaring would have, but we also made all of our contracts, most with little effort, and I don't think there were any major mistakes on the defense either. There was a rather interesting misfit hand - I had S A-Q-10-x-x H K-J-9-8-6-x D x-x and Dan C. had S x H 10 D x-x-x-x-x-x C A-K-Q-J-x. Dan H. opened 1S to my left, and Dan C. overcalled 2D based mainly on his distribution. I naturally bid 2H based on mine (and the obvious issue with spades), and he went to 3C. I figured 3D might be my best bid, but because my hearts were so much better than I'd shown and my partner clearly couldn't have many spades, I bid 3H, which was the final contract. The opponents took the first two diamonds, and I ruffed the third with the eight. Hoping that the spades were 5-2, I cashed the ace and ruffed one, and when that stood, I cashed the top three clubs, throwing the rest of my spades. Then I led the jack, ruffed with the seven and overruffed with the nine while Dan H. had to follow suit. The six of hearts drew the queen, and I was able to ruff the return with my low heart and lose only the ace to make the contract exactly.

Today's Work: Our Internet connection was down most of the day, which got in the way of several of the things we needed to do. I did the best I could and put in as much effort as I could toward the last of my tasks, but everyone had left by then and I wouldn't have been able to submit it for review.

I may have eaten bad fish. I guess I'll find out overnight or tomorrow, depending on whether I get sick. At least I abandoned the idea to make teriyaki sesame cod and just cooked it with lemon juice. I'll try that next week with chicken first, just to make sure I cook it properly. And my back has suddenly started to hurt - not the best start for a weekend, but it has to go uphill from here.

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