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Today's Bridge: Ken and I gave Precision a try against Dan H. and Sam, who returned just to fill our fourth seat. The first few hands weren't particularly eventful, but then Ken opened 1C while I had the unimpressive collection of S A-x-x H x-x-x D x-x C K-10-9-x-x. I still had to bid 1D, and he jumped to 2H, showing either a solid suit or a very strong hand. I jumped to 4H to show that with the known fit, I actually had a stronger hand, but he passed that, having jumped with not only just four hearts, but a 4-3-3-3 hand. The book bid is 2NT, 19-21 and balanced, which I'll raise to 3NT. He made the game, though, and it was my turn to have a strong hand. It wasn't great, S 7-2 H Q-3 D A-K-J-x-x C A-Q-x-x, but it was 16 points, so when Sam opened 2H, I overcalled 3D. Ken jumped me up to 5D with S A-K-Q-J-5 H A D 10-9-x-x-x C J-x. I can see the concern about clubs, and it would have been hard to reach the slam, but it's laydown unless the opening spade lead is ruffed, in which case I have to guess which opponent has the king of clubs. A diamond or club lead eliminates a loser, so let's assume the lead is a heart, which it was. I take in dummy and lead a diamond to my ace. Assuming trump split 2-1, I pull them, ruff my other heart, and run spades. If the five doesn't set up, I can still try the club finesse for the overtrick. If West has no trump, I ruff the heart back to dummy and pick up trump with a simple finesse, then proceed as before. If East shows out, I just cash the ace and king, ruff my heart, and start leading spades. If West ever ruffs in with the queen, he has to lead either a club, giving me the finesse, or a heart, on which I throw he losing club from dummy. If West doesn't ruff one of the top four spades, then I ruff the last spade, and if that's not overruffed, I lead a trump to endplay West just the same. The interesting part of the hand comes when West leads a spade and East ruffs. I have to guess which opponent has the king of clubs - assuming a club lead from East at trick two, I figure West probably has it. If East has it, the club finesse will win, but if West has it, I still make the slam. I take the ace of clubs, cash a top diamond, cross to the ace of hearts, and cross back to the king of diamonds, pulling the last trump (and throwing top trumps from dummy rather than low ones). Now I ruff the last heart and lead out all three of my trumps. When I lead the last one, I have left S 7 D x C Q-x-x and dummy has C J S K-Q-J-5. West, of course, has the king of clubs as well as four spades. If he throws away the club, I toss the low spade and dummy is high. If he throws a spade, then I pitch the jack of clubs, and all four of dummy's spades are good. It's a positional squeeze, and I never thought I'd be able to pull one off. Of course, the diamonds split and the club finesse worked, so it was irrelevant. I just thought it was cool that I actually spotted a squeeze, even if it was for an unbid contract in a split that didn't materialize. Still instructive.

Today's Work: I figured out why the changes I made yesterday hadn't fixed the problems - I forgot to recompile the libraries where the changes were. Once I did that, all of the problems I knew of which had been traced to our upgrade disappeared. That leaves us only tomorrow to build a new machine to look like the one we just finished, and update our documentation as we go, but it should be much faster because all of the code changes have already been made. We just need to install and configure everything, and go. Hopefully.

I did a test recording with my new Gobliiins guest, and it went reasonably well. There are some things to work out on both sides, but we should have good recordings once we get started. I just need to replay the first half of the second game, because the newer version of ScummVM doesn't seem to be compatible with the saves I have. There may be something else I need to do to set that up, but it's probably simple enough just to replay the first part of the game.

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