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Today's Bridge: Kevin showed up, which usually coincides with me drawing out, but I drew the top card today and got to be his partner. The opponents made a game in two partscores, and then we had two hands that absolutely shouldn't have made. Dan H. opened 2C (Precision, showing 11-15 and six clubs, or five and a four-card major). Kevin passed, and Ken responded 2NT, showing a balanced hand and inviting 3NT or a club raise. With S A-Q-J-10-5-2 H J D K-Q-x C Q-4-3, it was a flimsy bid, but I went for 4S. Kevin offered me S 8-6 H Q-10-8-x-x-x D 9-x-x-x-x. The opening lead was a diamond to Ken's ace, and he returned a diamond, to which Dan followed. I immediately ruffed a club, but had no way back to my hand to ruff another. All I could do was lead a heart to my jack and Dan's king, and he fortunately led another heart to the queen, ace, and my ruff. I ruffed the other club, then cashed the ten of hearts, throwing my last club while both opponents followed. At this point, I think my best move is to ruff a heart with the ten and cash the ace of spades, then lead the queen, hoping for a 3-2 split that isn't Ken holding the doubleton king, since he could then give Dan a diamond ruff with his last trump. Instead, I wanted Dan on lead, so I led the diamond myself, and he ruffed low and led the ace of clubs. I ruffed with my last low trump, then laid down the ace, hoping to find the king alone. I did. After that, I had S Q-J-10-x H 9-x D A-K-J C Q-J-x-x, which would be a 1NT opening in Precision, but in Standard, I had to open 1C. Kevin jumped right to Blackwood, and my 5D response pushed him up to 6C. His hand demonstrates why you don't use Blackwood with a void - S 8-x-x H K-Q-J-x C A-K-10-x-x-x. That's three losers on top in the majors, and a fourth if the third spade is ruffed. Fortunately, Dan had the ace of hearts and the king of spades and didn't want to lead from either, so he led a diamond instead. I covered Ken's queen, pulled trump, and threw all three spades on the diamonds. All I needed to do was concede the ace of hearts, and one of the worst slams I've ever been in made exactly. We had some failures, though - I think I should have made a 4H, but after painstakingly ending up on the board after pulling trump, I led a diamond from my hand and gave up two of them. We also ended up in 5C on the final hand, probably due to a miscommunication, and it was lucky to be off only one - somehow, the nine of diamonds established when the only stopper I had in the suit was the ace, and I managed to set up Kevin's long heart suit to discard all of my club losers. The opponents' only other hand was a 1C-1D-1H auction where Ken didn't realize he needed to jump to force a response. It makes 7H on a successful finesse for the king of hearts, but since that was offside, it only makes the small slam. (That may also have been due to my doubleton queen of spades.)

Today's Work: One of the problems that came up yesterday was worse than we originally thought. We spent all day trying to wrap our heads around it and never really got anywhere. I spent most of that time just trying to run the program in the debugger. I managed to do that, at least, and I think it might be worthwhile to try running the old version and the new version next to each other to see where the difference is. That will be a job for tomorrow.

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