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Today's Bridge: Not quite a strong a day as yesterday, but we edged out the competition. I started with a Precision 1NT opener, S A-J-x-x H 10-x-x D A-K-x C Q-x-x or so, Jerry overcalled 2H, and Dan raised me to 2NT. I had a minimum and intended to pass anyway, but I was hoping for a heart stopper from him to bid notrump over the overcall. He had S K-x-x H 3-2 D Q-J-x-x C A-x-x-x or so, a decent holding except for the hearts. We lost the first five hearts, but I managed to pick up the rest to barely make the contract. (I think the king of clubs fell somehow.) Then I opened 1S and got passed out - I did my best, but was off one, and I think that was lucky. The opponents let me throw off one of my three heart losers along the way. We picked up the game with a small contract, and then each side managed a partscore - they got a 2D opener that I was just too weak to overcall, and we got a 4D because I was just too timid to jump straight to game with a five-card suit and 18 opposite Dan's 1D opener. He got the overtrick, but said it was a lucky thing. The next hand was very interesting - I had S A-Q-9-x-x H A-7-x-x-x D Q-10 C K, so I opened 1S. Jerry overcalled 2C, Dan H. passed, and Dan C. bid 3C for game. I was going to jump to 3H, but I didn't have room, so I just bid 3H. Jerry bid 4C, and that was the final contract. Dan H. led the seven of spades into dummy's S K-x-x H Q-10-x D J-x-x C 8-x-x-x. Jerry ducked, so I took the queen and cashed the ace, on which Jerry dropped the ten and Dan threw the five. That was a high-low, so I cashed the ace of hearts and confidently led a spade. Unfortunately, it was Dan who still had the jack, and Jerry made the contract. Had Dan played upward to indicate a three-card holding, I would have turned to the diamonds instead and kept the ace of hearts. I don't think Jerry would have had an opportunity to throw away his losing diamonds in that case, since he would have had to use a club as his board entry to cash the king of spades, giving up a round of crossruffing. That put things close enough that our plus score on the final hand, which I don't really remember, put us on top for the day.

Today's Work: I may have learned some things about our software, but I don't think I made any progress toward making it work. On the bright side, I finally pinged the operators of our ticketing system, and they made the changes I requested all at once. There were a few things to be hammered out, and I'll need someone to test for me tomorrow, but as things stand, it's in decent shape and I'm happy with the new setup. So that's something.

I made parmesan chicken cutlets topped with bruschetta for dinner, which turned out pretty well even though I'm pretty sure they're not meant to be cooked in the oven. I just didn't feel like frying them.

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