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Today's Bridge: Dan H. and I had a much better showing than yesterday. Sadly, the first hand was a gross underbid: He opened 1C, and with S 10-x-x H A-x-x D A-K-x-x C x-x-x, I responded 2NT (11-13, balanced). He jumped to 4NT, inviting slam, but with a minimum hand, I had to pass. His hand was S A-K-Q-x H K-Q-x-x D x-x C A-K-Q, a monster of a 23 point hand that he only didn't open 2NT because he had a weak diamond doubleton. Adding my 11-13 to that, we have 34-36 total, so I believe he should just bid 6NT. While it's not exactly cold, we have 11 on top and a 3-3 split in either major, or the jack of spades in the short hand, gives it to us. As it was, we got good splits in both majors and took all thirteen. Naturally, had he opened 2NT, my response is 6NT. Each side made a partscore after that, but we closed the game with a 3S where I thought 4 was a good gamble. I had S Q-x-x-x H A-K-Q-10-x-x D x-x-x and considered looking for a slam, but when I didn't jump from Dan's 1S opener to 4C, I missed my chance to do it. Raymond was on lead with three winners in diamonds, but led a club (Dan C's bid suit), and Dan H. sluffed his diamonds on the hearts to make another unbid grand. The opponents went for a partscore in the next rubber and missed it by one on a trump misguess, and then I played 3NT with S J H A-K-Q-9-x D A-x-x-x C x-x-x facing S A-K-Q-x-x H 10-x D 10-x C A-K-J-10 or so. I lost the finesse on the opening club lead and let the heart return run to the jack, but had to cover the diamond that followed because I had four more hearts, three clubs, and four spades - twelve tricks' worth of winners that I had to lose two tricks to establish. I may have given up an overtrick by playing it that way, but since the game was in no danger, I felt like I had to play around a bit.

Today's Work: More avoiding problems than fixing them, I think, but I resolved a few things and one of them eliminated a huge number of errors. The final stretch will be the most difficult, but I'll plow through it little by little.

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