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In anticipation of the weather

Today's Bridge: Dan C. and I came together, and it was a complete shutout for two full rubbers and an extra hand. There were a few hands that may have been underbid, but for the most part, we bid what was there. We started with 2H with two overtricks, although I remember getting lucky with the splits, then Ken opened 3D and Dan doubled when I had S Q-x-x H K-x-x D A-K-x-x C Q-x-x or so. That's a pretty killer hand opposite what had to be a lot of strength, and my best suit was the pre-empt, so I felt a 3NT bid was the most descriptive. Dan responded 4C, which said to me that he was really strong and had a legitimate suit, so I bid 4D, inviting more information while also naming my only biddable suit. He bid 4S, so I went back to 5C. 6C was tempting, but I left that decision up to Dan, and he stopped at five. I think he ended up with the overtrick, but we were missing enough to make it risky. We made a game after that, which I can't remember the details of, aside from trump being A-J-x-x facing Q-9-x-x. Dummy's long club suit was established on the opening lead, but I feared a ruff, so I crossed to the ace of trump and back to the queen, then led a third round of trump. The opponents couldn't cash more than two diamonds and a spade before I would get in, and I had one long diamond to ruff as an entry to dummy's clubs. The next rubber started with Dan opening 1H - with the ace of clubs representing all the power I had, I had to pass, and he made three. We finished with a 3S, and then I picked up S x-x-x-x H A-K-Q-J-10 D K C Q-J-x. I opened 1H, and Dan jumped to 3H, so I raised to 4H. However, he was confused and thought we were playing weak jump raises, which we've never played: S x H 6-x-x-x D Q-x C A-x-x-x-x-x. Fortunately, the opening lead was the king of clubs. I covered, and when both opponents followed to a round of trump, I could claim. But I played it out - two more rounds of trump, the two clubs from my hand, and a spade lead. Ken took it and led a low diamond, which ran to my king. A spade ruff let me cash the good clubs and throw my losers. Finally, Dan opened 1D and Dan H. overcalled 2H when I had S A-J-x-x-x-x H 9 D J-x-x-x C Q-x. I felt my distribution was good enough to bid 2S, and Ken bid 3H. Dan C. went to 4D, and I considered raising to game, but I felt I'd already bid my hand to the limit and passed. We were missing two aces, but the opponents started with the ace of clubs, establishing Dan's K-J-x. He could have sluffed the nine of hearts and made the slam, or set up the long spades, but he ended up conceding a heart to just make 5. So we declared every hand and made them all, with a number of overtricks that I didn't find too concerning.

Today's Work: A very frustrating day. One person made a couple of really big commits without ticket numbers, so I had to back those out and have her split the work into the appropriate tickets. Meanwhile, one of our team members who tends to forge ahead started installing our test system, a process which we were supposed to document extensively. Instead, we got his notes from memory after the fact, and no screenshots. We left off trying to find the original versions of some files that were later patched - we only seem to have the patched versions archived, and we need to know what the patches were. Then the IA lead took my computer to update something and never returned it. If I can't make it to work tomorrow, I'll have to take the whole day off. It's supposed to be clear most of tomorrow, though, until an ice storm starts in the evening, so I should be able to make it. My plan is to grab a couple of Subway sandwiches on the way home and save one in case I'm stuck at home due to the weekend weather. I should have enough supplies for breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and by then I'm sure I'll be able to drive around town if necessary. Or things might be fine and I'll go ahead with my other plans. We'll see. At least it was just heavy rain today, and I wasn't outside in the very worst of it. I got inside just in time.

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