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Today's Bridge: The opponents started with a 1NT, just made, but we struck back with a 2S with two overtricks when I got cold feet about inviting game on a weak hand with good distribution. My singleton king of diamonds matched Dan C.'s low singleton, but we had eight spades and nine hearts, so the hearts set up for plenty of tricks. Then Ken opened 1C (Precision) to my right, and with my S 9-x-x H K-Q-x D A-Q-J-8 C K-10-x, I felt too strong to pass and too weak to double, so I bid 1NT. Dan C. responded 2C, and Ken bid 2H. Off the hook, I passed that (maybe I should have doubled, but that never goes well), and Dan reopened at 2NT, the final contract. His holding was pretty poor, though: S A-x-x-x-x H J-10-x-x D 10-x C x-x. The opening lead was, naturally, a heart to Ken's ace, under which I carefully threw the king. He led the king of spades, which I ducked, then the jack, which I won and exited with a third spade to his queen. I believe he led a low club, so I just had to cover that, and Dan H. won and led back another heart. (If he leads the jack or queen, I can safely cover with the king, and if Dan does turn up with the ace, the 10-x remains a stopper.) I took the queen, crossed to dummy's jack, and cashed the heart and spades, throwing both of my clubs and the eight of diamonds. Finally, I took the diamond finesse, and when Ken's king fell under the ace, I got an overtrick. My next hand was S x-x H x-x-x D A-K-Q-x-x-x-x C A. I considered a weak opener, but I was clearly too strong and stuck with 1D. Dan responded 2NT, which in our conventions is strong support for opener's suit, so I bid 3C to probe for a major ace. He jumped straight to 6NT, which Ken doubled. I considered both redoubling and bidding 7D, which I would have done had my club cue-bid been a void, but I let it go. Dan's hand was actually S A-K-Q-J H A D J-x-x C x and some irrelevant cards, so we had either grand slam cold. Still, that was up to him to explore, and his jump to slam left no room for it. In the final hand, Dan C. opened 1NT in fourth seat, and Ken overcalled 2H, which is what I was considering bidding with my S K-J-10-x-x H 9-x D x-x-x C x-x-x, as a transfer to spades. With my relatively flat hand shape and weak power, though, I'd have passed, and I let 2H go as well. I think I led my top club to dummy's S A-x-x-x H 5 D Q-x-x-x C K-x-x-x or so. Ken took in hand and crossed to the ace of spades, then led the five of hearts,which Dan covered with the ace. He led a club, which Ken took and led a low heart, letting my nine win. A mistake, I think. I led a low spade to Dan's queen, which Ken ruffed, and he led a diamond to the queen and Dan's king. Dan led a third spade, which Ken ducked, and I continued with another spade that he had to ruff. At this point, I could let go of my last spade, and I jettisoned the club as well, keeping the nine of diamonds which ultimately won the final trick after Dan had pulled the last trump with his king for off two. A perfect use of the forcing defense.

Today's Work: Mainly making decisions and doing a bit of administrative stuff. I felt a bit nauseous in the morning, so I was late to work, and I ended up taking an hour off to make up for it. Probably a good decision anyway, since I needed to make the rest of the fajitas tonight, so I had time to do that. It looks like it's going to snow most of tomorrow, and there's a winter weather advisory covering the entire day, so I may end up working from home or getting to work so late that I need to take the rest of my use-or-lose leave. I'd rather stay home, honestly, especially given how I've been feeling this week, but it's the only day that the task lead will be in, and I've got some things to discuss with him. I'll see how the road looks in the morning. Also, my tire pressure light came on again on the way home, so I think I may have a leaky tire. I'll have to check tomorrow, whatever the weather. It might just be the sharp drop in temperature.

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