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Today's Bridge: We took some risks, and enough of them paid off to bring us victory. The opponents started with a 2NT with an overtrick - I didn't see a way they could miss it, but Dan C. invited and Dan H. had a mediocre hand that didn't merit a raise. Their diamond fit was excellent and they had enough controls in the other suits to make the game. We struck back with a dubious 3NT that came off nonetheless - Jerry said he misplayed it and got lucky, and that's probably true. The opponents then made a pair of 2D contracts, and we went for a 3C and missed by one - I had something like S Q-x H 10-9-7-x-x D J-x-x C A-x-x and Jerry opened 1NT, so I bid 2H, intended as a closeout. He only had J-x of hearts and corrected to 3C, but we didn't have the power to pull it off. I think he had a play for it, though. Finally, he opened 1C when I actually had something to work with: S 10 H A-J-9-x-x D Q-x-x C A-x-x-x - average on its own, but excellent opposite a 16+ hand. I gave a favorable 1H response, and he jumped to 2S, showing either 22+ and a five-card suit or a very solid 6+ card suit and 18+ points. I bid 3C to show my second suit, and he bid 3S, so I figured a notrump slam was possible. However, I couldn't think of a way to invite it - 4NT would sound like Blackwood, 5NT might propel us into a grand slam we have no hope of making, and he'd probably pass 3NT. So I just bid 6NT. Dan C. doubled to my left, and led a low spade into Jerry's S A-K-Q-J-8-7 H K-x-x D K-x C K-x. I've got ten tricks on top and an eleventh sets up in diamonds, which means I need a third trick in hearts, and everything hinges on where the queen is. I can always just cash the top two and hope the queen falls, but if Dan H. has the queen, I can finesse the jack, while if Dan C. has the queen, I can play Dan H. for the ten and lead the jack, cover the queen with the king, and finesse against the ten through my A-9. I think the best play is to run the jack, since if Dan H. takes the queen, he has to guess which minor to lead, and if he guesses clubs, I've still got a chance to find a 3-2 heart split and pick up the suit that way, saving me from needing to lose a diamond at all. However, I had a funny feeling about that double and finessed the jack instead. It won. I could have cashed out the hearts and made all thirteen on the split, but I wasn't thinking about that and gave up the final diamond to make the contract exactly. It was a 200-point mistake, but we still swept the rubber.

Today's Work: The meeting ran really long, since we were planning a month-long sprint and it's our final sprint before a release. It's huge and way overtasked. I may cancel some leave and see about getting it restored next year, because I don't think we're likely to get this done in time otherwise. On the bright side, we're tossing some of our rigor and putting some of the work in a big pile for anyone who has the time to pick what they think they can do. It's a bit more agile, which is good for us in my opinion.

I'm glad it still hasn't snowed, but there was a giant accident on the opposite side of the highway on my way home. Traffic was really backed up, and the fire truck was out there spraying water across the road. For them to be spraying water in near-freezing temperatures, there must have been something really bad on the road. Winter is coming...

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