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Today's Bridge: Both Raymond and Brent joined us to make our four, and my fortunes finally turned. The opponents started with a 1NT opener, played for a few overtricks, but then I made a 3S with two overtricks (tough to find, I think) and found myself in 3NT afterward with S A-J H K-Q-10-x D Q-J-9-8-x C x-x facing S x-x H x-x-x D A-10-x C A-Q-J-10-x or so - Raymond opened 1D, I jumped to 2NT to show strong support, and he raised to 3NT, so I left him there, figuring he must have distributed power and three little diamonds. The opening lead was a club, and the queen held, so I decided to skip the diamond finesse and just cash the ace and lead the ten. Brent took the king immediately and cashed the ace of hearts before exiting with a spade. I let Ken have the king, and he returned a heart, which my ten won. The rest of my hand was good except the club, which the ace in dummy covered. Another memorable one was S A-K-10 H x-x D K-J C A-J-9-x-x-x - I opened 1C, Raymond responded 1S, and I jumped to 3C to show my power and length, expecting to end up in 3NT. He raised to 4C despite a partscore, which I took for a slam invite, but we clearly didn't have the power for it. Nor did we have the clubs, quite - he had S Q-J-9-x-x H K-J-x D Q-x-x-x C K. The opening lead was a spade to my ace, so I crossed to the king of clubs and led a diamond back to my king and Ken's ace. He led a second spade to my king, Brent following again, and I cashed the ace of clubs, finding Ken with the remainder. I had little option but to lead another low club to draw his ten, and he chose to cash the queen immediately, while I threw a spade and two diamonds from dummy. Finally, he exited with a diamond, and because I'd carefully left the queen on top, I had three top spades to take care of my hearts, making the contract exactly. In the final hand, I picked up S A-10-x-x-x H A-Q-J-10-x-x D 7-3, and the auction ran 1D-P-2D to me. I jumped to 4H, since there wasn't much point to mentioning the spades first. Ken went to 5D, and I just couldn't double it. Dummy was a very disappointing S J-x H x-x D 10-x-x C Q-J-10-x-x-x, so he was two points and two diamonds shy of his bid. It didn't help much, though, when Brent led a heart to my ace and I thought it made more sense to cash the ace of spades, Ken throwing the king, and lead a second spade to Ken's queen. He led a club, which I ruffed, and now I exited with a second heart. Ken took that with the king and cashed the ace of diamonds, leaving Raymond with the K-J doubleton over him for off two. Interestingly, while 4H was intended to be a sacrifice and we had a better fit in spades, we would have made 4H - I lose a spade and the king of hearts, but I get the other five hearts and four spades, plus a diamond - I lead toward the K-J-x, and since Ken has the A-Q behind it, I can't guess wrong.

Today's Work: Another problem came up with one of the recent fixes, and it took me a few tries to figure out what was wrong, but I got it in the end, and submitted my fix for another issue as well. That finishes my task load for this sprint, halfway through, so we'll look into what else we can pull in on Monday. We also learned that a Windows account with no password can't log into a SQL database at all, which was interesting.

I got home pretty late, but an Amazon package was waiting for me including Secret Hitler and Imploding Kitten. They're pretty neat sets, and I hope I get to play them with the family over Christmas. I didn't have much time for dinner, nor did I have anything convenient, so I ran to Taco Bell as per the old Friday tradition. I don't know what was going on there, but they weren't restocking supplies like lids and forks, and when they finally got around to making my order, they threw it in with the giant order after mine, so they had to make it again for me. They threw in cinnamon twists as an apology, of course, and I probably shouldn't have eaten them, but I earned those cinnamon twists. I'll just have to walk around more than usual this weekend, or at least try to sweat a lot.

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