Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I keep seeing South Park jokes in the wild from episodes I've just watched

Today's Bridge: Surprisingly, we had enough people to play, and it mostly went well. I tried to convince Dan C. to choose between game or slam in clubs when I had a monster hand, but he left me in 4C with an overtrick - admittedly, he had only a queen for power, but he had a singleton diamond to go with my singleton heart. Dan doubled the opponents' 4H with the top three trump, cashed them, and lost the rest. Then I went for a sacrifice 5C Dbl against the opponents' 4S, which I think they would have made, but the splits were horrible and I lost four tricks off the bat, plus the top two trump. But I got the better of a goulash for once. I had S x H A-K-Q-J-5 D A-Q-x-x-x-x C x and bid my way up to 5D. Dan C. had the doubleton K-J of diamonds, which was plenty to get me there.

Today's Work: I finished most of what I needed to do. Sadly, someone who needed to test something had a problem getting it installed, but she'll take care of it next week before we have to decide whether it works as intended. I ended the day by closing our previous sprint. It's the first one. It's a pretty good feeling.

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