Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Hard to believe October's almost over

Today's Bridge: Jerry made his Precision debut today, and while there were some minor mistakes, we hit the right contracts almost every time, if not every time. He made three overtricks in a 2D, but I don't think it was there to bid - we got lucky. We set a 3D after that, and shut down a 4S by finding Jerry's singleton ace of hearts and the two minor aces in my hand to give him a pair of ruffs. Then I picked up S A-K-J-8-4-3-2 H A-Q-x D J-x C Q, which was strong enough to open 1C despite the terrible distribution (three points are in suits far too short for my liking). Still, when Jerry responded 1NT (8-10, balanced), I jumped to 4S on the known strength of the trump suit. His hand was only S Q-x H x-x D Q-x-x-x C A-x-x-x-x, which isn't quite balanced, but the heart finesse worked, and Dan H. didn't follow Dan C.'s trump lead to kill the heart ruff, giving me an overtrick. Then Jerry opened 1NT when I had S K-J-10-9-x H A-x-x D A-x-x-x C x or so - five good spades and a singleton club. So I bid 2C, planning to rebid 3S to invite game in either spades or notrump, but Jerry responded 2S, so I jumped straight to game. He made it exactly. The opponents made 2D to finish the day, but I think it was a triumph for our side, and good practice as always.

Today's Work: I finally figured out how to make C++ and C# share the functionality I'm working with, so I'm a step closer ot my goal. Unfortunately, there's still something wrong that I can't identify. I'll have to try to debug it tomorrow, while still keeping up with the other responsibilities I have as the sprint winds down.

I had some beef brisket for dinner - I may not have cooked it quite right, since it was pretty chewy, but it was pre-cooked and I just reheated it in the oven. Then I put some tuna steaks in the usual marinade for tomorrow. I need to do something with zucchini and turnips, but I'll get around to those. I have to fuel up tomorrow, so I can probably grab something at the store while I'm there.

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