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Today's Bridge: I'm not sure whether to call it the debut of Precision bidding, since we had garbage hands almost the whole day. We declared two hands out of eight or nine, and one of those was a marginal 4S where we just had too many losers on top. Let me try to reconstruct one of the hands we defended, though, because I think it was doomed, but my partner handed it to declarer.

S A-J-10-x-x
H A-Q-x-x   
D 10-x         
C x-x            

W                                                                                          E
S K-9-x-x-x                                                                          S Q
H K-10-x-x                                                                           H J-x-x
D A-J-x                                                                                 D Q-9-x
C K                                                                                       C Q-J-10-9-8-x

S x-x          
H x-x          
D K-x-x-x-x
C A-x-x      

S  W  N  E
-  1S   P 2C
P 2H   P 3C
P 3N  AP

I led the ten of diamonds from the North seat, hoping to hit my partner's long suit rather than leading from one of my suits into declarer's strength. Dummy ducked, and South went up with the king of diamonds, losing to declarer's ace. Declarer led the king of clubs, which South covered, and when he led a spade to my ace, it was all over. The queen of diamonds was an entry to the clubs, and I was pretty much squeezed long before declarer crossed back to his jack of diamonds - fortunately, he decided to throw away the good king of spades and keep the losing king of hearts. So, what happens if South is on top of his game? He already knows that declarer has five spades and four hearts, so he has at most four cards in the minors. Dummy entries will be crucial for setting up the clubs, so we need to guard those - more than enough reason to hold up the king of diamonds on the first trick. Declarer has to take with the ace anyway, to preserve the jack, which can be overtaken, leaving the nine high and forcing a diamond entry once the king is gone. Also, declarer is marked with the jack of diamonds on the opening lead, and he must have the ace as well to justify his notrump bid. He likely has a third diamond as well, leaving him a singleton club. So he's guaranteed one diamond entry, and the key is to make sure he needs two. Thus, duck the king of clubs, and possibly a second club as well, covering a club only once declarer reaches dummy. For North's part, I'll cover any spade lead (including the king, why not?), but I'll duck the king of hearts and go up on any other heart lead. Again, I can't prevent declarer from setting up the jack of hearts as an entry, but by the time he's done that, he'll have had to give up the lead at least twice. Setting up diamonds helps even less, since if he uses up his diamonds, South will have two extras when he takes the ace of clubs. Two hearts, the king of diamonds, and the two black aces will be five tricks for us, and if West can't establish the clubs, he'll have to play spades from his hand and lose even more. So while my comment during the hand that Ken was making the contract "with my partner's compliments", I meant it. We did score a pretty big set in one hand, undoubled, but the cards were against us and we didn't make the most of what we had in the play.

Today was rather awkward. I woke up and started my morning routine, only to make two disconcerting discoveries. First, the humidifier in my CPAP worked fine last night, so even though I brought it to the supply center, there was nothing for them to do. I'm hoping it keeps working, anyway. But the second thing was that my eyesight went blurry, just like it did when my glucose spiked, before I was diagnosed with diabetes. But I checked my blood sugar and it was fine. Clearly, this is the work of the Trazodone, so I'm going to stop taking it and let the doctor know that antidepressants are not going to help me. It's a shame, because I think I was sleeping better, but my eyes still won't quite focus properly, and I can't function like this long-term.

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