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My manga to-read pile is finally shrinking to manageable size. Time to buy more?

Today's Bridge: It was going to be Brent and me against Dan C. and Bruce, so Dan put on a big show of taunting us as he likes to do, but Dan H. showed up and took Brent's place while we were dealing the first hand, so the match was a bit more one-sided. I started with something like S A-Q-J-x-x-x D 10-x-x-x C A-x-x, which is theoretically strong enough for an opening bid, but due to the distributional values, I stuck with 2S. Bruce was obviously thinking about bidding 3H for a very long time, but decided not to. Dan H. bid 3C, so I bid my diamonds, and NOW Bruce bid his 3H. A bit late for that, after we'd had an extra round of bidding, but Dan H. doubled for penalty, and when he led his singleton spade through dummy's K-x-x, Bruce made the mistake of going up with the king, giving me three spade tricks off the top. I exited with a diamond to Bruce's ace, and he couldn't deal with the heart split. I got in with the ace of clubs eventually and led another diamond to Dan's K-Q, and the short version is that we ended up with eight tricks, for 800 above the line. My holding in the next hand was pretty much at the top end of mediocre, with S 9-x-x H Q-J-x-x D K-J-x-x C K-x-x, and Bruce's 1H opening bid made it look even worse. But Dan H. overcalled 1S, so over Dan C.'s 2C, I bid 2S, undercutting my power a bit. Bruce went for 3D, and Dan H. bid 3S, but when Dan C. bid 4C, I felt I was safe passing and going for the set. Dan H. bid 4S, though, and that was enough for me. Dan C. doubled, and I redoubled, very confident that my power would be enough. Dan C. got scared and ran to 5C, which I doubled - only off two, but still a pretty good double in my opinion. They went for 3NT next, in an auction that went something like 1H-2D-2S-3D-3NT, and I was on lead with S J-x-x-x H 8-7 D K-J-x-x C Q-7-3. I had two four-card suits, but I couldn't lead from either, so I went with the low club into dummy's S 10 H A-K-x-x D A-x-x-x-x C J-x-x or so. Dan C. misguessed the club position and ducked, so Dan H.'s ten forced his king. He led the ten of hearts and let it run to Dan H.'s jack. He smartly led back a club, and Dan C. let me have the queen. I led my last club to the ace he was marked with, and he tried running the nine of hearts to Dan H.'s queen. He cashed his fourth club, then the ace of spades, and I still had a diamond trick for off two. Finally, Dan H. opened 2H, and with S x-x H A-6-3-2 D K-x C A-K-x-x-x, I felt entirely comfortable bumping him up to game. Dan C. started with the king of trump, and Dan H. ran a low heart to pull his queen. Understandably, he switched to a diamond, but Dan H. had the A-Q-x in diamonds and sluffed a spade on the last one, then a spade from his hand on a club, ending up losing only the queen of hearts and a spade. Even so, we only had three to lose from the start. Finally, Dan pre-empted 2H and Bruce bid 3D. Dan bid 3S (accounting for ten of his cards), but Bruce went back to 4D, and Dan decided to take him to game with S A-Q-x-x H 10-x-x-x-x-x D Q-x C 4. Fair enough, but Bruce only had K-Q-J-x of clubs and the ace of diamonds, and I think another jack. Off only one, despite his decision to run the clubs instead of pulling trump. It was a very distributional hand.

Today's Work: The travel office finally took care of my voucher, on the same day I was going to call them to ask about it, so I spent my call energy ordering replacement CPAP supplies at long last. It was a pretty painless process, even though I'd forgotten most of the information about the CPAP I have. Fortunately, I remembered just enough for them to puzzle out what I need. I got the result of the big review from last week and reviewed it, pointing out a few more changes that will be needed.

I thawed fish for dinner and diced a mango on top of it. I think I overcooked it a little, but it still tasted pretty good. It paired well with brussels sprouts in butter sauce.

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