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I think if a criminal is stupid enough to eat a cell phone battery, he shouldn't be taken to the hospital whence he can escape. The police should be under no obligation to treat self-inflicted injuries, particularly ones that are inflicted in the hope of escape. It's our society that believes that "every life, no matter how blackened by pure evil, is sacred" that makes things so easy for criminals. The penalties are not meant to be humane. They're meant to deter crime. What we have today is not a system of crime deterrents, but a system of disdaining finger-wagging.

I suppose I can go with the overweight Americans thing when radiology technology can't keep up with the increased body mass. But then, there are always going to be people who really tip the scales, and ordinary people who just happen to be bigger and weigh more than those around them. It's not uncommon anymore. Speaking of radiation, its use in medicine is causing problems for air travelers... the new sensitive radiation detectors can pick up traces of radioactive medicine months later. So people are being asked to carry certificates showing that they've undergone radiation treatments. So what's to stop a terrorist from having radiation treatments and then carrying ADDITIONAL radioactive material? Well... I'd say common sense, but it's hard to picture terrorists having much of that.

As Coach Z says, "I place the blame squarely on tight pants." A guy is arrested for assault when he points a gun at an officer. He'd been concealing it under some magazines in his car. The law says that the gun MUST be concealed, and the guy couldn't put it in his pants because they were too tight. As for pointing it at the officer... I have no idea whether that's true or not. I'd like to see how the court hearing turns out.

Here's why romance makes me so sad... from the outside. Man still loves the woman who poisoned him and tried to kill him. I'm not saying that's wrong... I'm just saying it makes me sad. I don't want to love a woman who tries to kill me.

Three words. Santa. Beauty. Pageant. At least Hungarian kids KNOW the Santas are fake... although the real one's scheduled to show up at the end of the program.

I don't know what Canadian Tire money is, but I wouldn't want to get it from an ATM. I don't even like getting real Canadian money, and I never do bother to check my change. It's all just worthless coinage anyway... or is it? There was that guy who exchanged a 40-year collection of coins, and I don't have nearly that much, but if British coin storage adds up to that many millions of pounds, I can't imagine how much money Americans have squared away in change they don't plan to use. Especially since so much of our currency now is wrapped up in novelty coinage like commemorative coins and state quarters. I keep Bicentennial quarters... no idea why, I just do.

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