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It's finally like a regular trip

Today didn't go as smoothly as I'd expected - the traffic on the interstate was predictable and didn't get in my way too much, but when I finally got to the airport to turn in my rental car, there were signs on all the buildings telling me that they'd all moved to a different complex, so I had to find my way there. Then I turned in my rental car and went to the office to rent another car, only to discover that I didn't have a reservation at that company - when I'd changed my reservation, the travel office made the reservation with a different company, and if they told me that, I didn't notice it. So I had to call them and have them tell me what company to rent from. At least the new hotel has been great - they offered to hold my luggage since I arrived before the room was ready, so I didn't have to juggle everything while running around the rental office. The good news there is that I now know where the rental center is and where a convenient gas station is so I can fill up before turning the car in at the end of the trip without wasting too much time. Also, that all of the rental offices were in the same place, so I didn't need to walk or ride shuttles to get to the right place. I was later than I'd hoped getting back to the hotel, but I had time to go buy more distilled water and non-caffeinated soda from a local Ralph's. It's a nice store and not too far away, so I may check out their fruit selection during the week if the hotel's breakfast doesn't provide what I need. It should be pretty nice, though, and there are plenty of restaurants not too far from the hotel, so I can walk for my daily exercise (in addition to the morning routine, since the walking around last week seemed to do wonders for my blood glucose) and get some variety in meals, although I do enjoy eating while catching up on my Youtube backlog. There are takeout places around too, including some Italian places and a few pizza options. For now, though, I need to be awake unusually early tomorrow for the ride to work, so I should probably try to sleep as early as I can. We'll see how that goes.


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