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Today's Exercise: Rung 7.

Another day that mostly sucked... we got set in every contract we tried, and they made a game and a 3C contract where they had game in the bag but Dan misplayed it and only got one overtrick. I was happy when he passed after Mike jump-shifted into hearts. Turns out that Mike had C A-K-Q-J-10 and H K-Q-x-x-x. A pretty sweet hand for clubs as trump. Then I found myself holding S K-J-10-x-x-x H x-x D 3 C Q-x-x-x, favorable vulnerability, and I just had to bid 2S for fear of letting yet another day of nothing but garbage go by. Paul S. thought about that for an agonizingly long time before raising me to 4S. What he had was S A-Q H A-Q-J-x D A-J-x-x C A-x-x or something like that. Mike led a spade, oddly enough, so I won with the queen, ran the ace, then ran the ace of diamonds and a low diamond for a ruff, then pulled the last two spades, leaving me with one. I ran a heart finesse, which lost to Dan, and he led a diamond, and I thought for a while about whether I needed to duck or ruff. Then I realized that I had six tricks already, the trump in my hand was one, and I had two good hearts and the ace of clubs on the board. Made four exactly. Then I found myself holding the amazing S A H J-10-x-x D A-K C 10-9-8-7-6-5. I decided that if Paul opened in hearts or clubs, I'd jump right to game, and sure enough, he opened 1H. I jumped to 4. We made 7 because Dan didn't lead his ace of clubs, and Paul S. had a singleton. We had 6 guaranteed, but I'd described my hand about as well as I could - 12 points but a fit that made game certain. It was up to him to go into Blackwood if his hand was that powerful. And I don't think it was... it was a nice distributional hand. Other than that, nothing much of note... meaning my hands sucked. -_-

I amaze myself. I specifically avoided going to the place that I assumed was the next destination, because I'd just opened it with my new Boost Ball powerup. Instead, I decided to check out other places where Boost Ball could be used, and my reward was Seeker Missiles and Darkblast. EXCELLENT! But it means that I"ve advanced the plot. I also have 60% of the logbook entries. I really hope I didn't miss any when fighting Dark Samus... there are four entries for it and I only got one, but I figured I'd have to fight it again later. I hope I do... not that it was easy, but I want the rest of those entries. There are also about a billion places I'll need to go when I finally get Power Bombs... and the supply is pretty limited. Good thing the ship is easily accessible from just about anywhere.

Work's going well, like I said yesterday... not much new, but I've got a peer review to do. So that's entertainment. Doubt I'll need to bring my laptop anymore, anyway.

And now to wax Cynical again... I've been chatting with krikketgirl in her journal about romance and how I don't consider my decision to avoid it a condemnation of women like so many grapes. So I present my summary of the prevailing views among men and women who have or don't have romance in their lives.

WOMEN WHO HAVE: Oh, don't worry, honey! You'll find the perfect woman! I just know she's out there somewhere, and you'll meet her.
(ME: I don't WANT to meet her. I'm happy the way I am. THEM: Oh, but you WILL meet her, and you'll fall in love and be happy! ME: Lovely...)

MEN WHO HAVE: Of course I'm happy! I'm married to the greatest woman in the world! So I guarantee you'll find happiness even though my belief is that I'm with the only woman in the world who can provide it. Oh, and she's the girl you had a crush on all that time ago.
THEIR WIVES: But don't worry, darling! You'll meet the woman for you! *hugs*

MEN WHO DON'T HAVE: I want to find a girlfriend, but none of the girls I meet want to be my girlfriend. I'm obviously not exploiting my sex appeal enough. (Optional: I need to have sex and don't really care where I get it... but from a woman! Really!)

WOMEN WHO DON'T HAVE: Oh, don't worry, just-friend! You'll find the perfect woman! I just know she's out there somewhere waiting for you, and you'll meet her! But she's not me! Of COURSE I want romance... just not with any of the men I meet. I can't be with a man unless I can complain about him to my girlfriends. But if I've built up your hopes enough, THEN it's okay for me to get hitched to some random guy you probably used to like.

MEN WHO HAD: I'm never doing THAT again! Whoa, she's hot... just a fling, this time. I mean it.

WOMEN WHO HAD: He means nothing to me but money! And he doesn't have enough to buy me off! Now to find another man with money...

Obviously, they're not universal views... just the way the world feels to me. Mom seems to think I hate her boyfriend just because I haven't gushed congratulations yet, or said anything at all really. But you guys know me. You know I don't say things just for the sake of saying them. (Not anymore, anyway.) I hope you were more amused than offended by the whole thing, anyway... and if krikketgirl's been looking for an excuse to comment, this entry might work. ^_^

And because of that and the other stuff I've been doing, I'm going to postpone the song meme for another day. Maybe until the weekend, when it'll get its own entry. But I'll put in extra songs just to make things more fun. I'll pick some favorites that aren't in my playlist and a few English ones as well. It'll be a blast. And nobody will do it because so few people on my friends list know many anime themes... it'll probably be dragoni82 and novademon and probably underwolf making all the guesses. I know one of them would recognize "Nobody knows who I really am, I never felt this empty before." And everyone else probably doesn't have a clue. ^_^
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