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Temperature is hard to do properly

Today's Bridge: Another good day for Ken and me. He started with two straight games (one possibly an underbid slam, the other a notrump game with nothing in diamonds that fortunately made), then the opponents made one before I got back in. Dan H. opened 1C, Ken overcalled 1NT, and Dan C. bid 2C. With S Q-x-x-x-x H Q-10-x-x D Q-J-x C x, I felt I was just strong enough for a natural 2S. Dan H. bid 3C, but Ken jumped straight to 4S. He had something like S K-J-10-x-x H A-J-x D A-x-x C A-Q, so the contract was secure and it was just a question of which red kings I'd lose. We went off one doubled in what looked like a decent 4S, but the trump split prevented Ken from effectively setting up my hearts. Dan H. then made an ambitious 2C response to Dan C.'s 1S with only a king and two jacks, which Dan C. jumped straight to 3NT. With my K-J-x-x-x of spades, the suit was pretty dead to him, and Ken found the lead on his second opportunity, giving us off two. Finally, I had S 6-5-4-3-2 H A-Q-x D 10-x-x C x-x and Ken opened 1C, which Dan C. doubled, so I had to bid 1S. Dan H. bid 2H and Ken jumped to 3S, and I left it there. He'd considered jumping right to game with his S A-K-J-10 H x D K-x-x-x-x C J-x-x, but fortunately, he didn't. I ducked the opening queen of diamonds lead, which was followed by a low diamond to the ace and the king of hearts to my ace. I ignored the trump finesse and cashed the top two, assuming that if the split were 3-1, Dan C. had three to the queen for his double and I'd lose it anyway. Instead, they were 2-2, so I cashed the diamonds and threw away my two clubs, making five. I'm set if Dan C. leads a club instead of a heart at trick three, though.

Today's Work: Finally making some progress now that the temperature is back to normal (actually, a bit cold), but we're still slaves to our tools, and the remote services are pretty bad. We've got a few paths forward, and we still have to figure out which one to take, but we're in a position where we actually CAN proceed along one or more of them.

I tried using some of the remaining fajita vegetables in a quesadilla for dinner. It wasn't awful, but it really needs some kind of meat to work, and if I've got fajita vegetables, meat, cheese, tortillas, sour cream, and guacamole, I might as well just rip open a salad and make actual fajitas.

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