Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The longest week, maybe? Maybe next week, maybe this week?

We had a cookout for lunch today, so no Bridge. I made the appointment for my CPAP machine next week and got a new travel card arranged - they said that they'd sent me one already last August, but I don't remember getting it and can't find it now, even though I canceled it and it can't be reopened. Usually, things turn up immediately after I render them useless.

Then I came home and recorded about an hour and a half of LP footage with my guest, so I've got a lot to do over the weekend. I'm hoping to get this video split into parts (probably three) and get my own solo recording of the same portion of the game done in the next two weeks. That's going to be tough, but possibly manageable. I also need to get an oil change this weekend, so it'll be an early morning tomorrow. Since it's a late night tonight, that will be rough. A shame I don't yet have a CPAP to help me sleep, but that's my own fault. A week from today, I'll have it.

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