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Today's Bridge: It was a very good day, although I screwed up big time in the final hand. I started with a nice, long spade suit: S A-Q-J-x-x-x H 10 D K-x-x C x-x-x. I bid them in fourth seat, but the opponents ended up in 4H, and Jerry started with a club. When he later got in with a trump and led a diamond to my king, I had no hesitation in leading a club back, which he ruffed for the decisive trick. We made a game, then I opened 1C with S K-J-x-x H A D J-x-x C Q-10-9-8-x - a bit weak, but I could run to spades over either red suit. Instead, Jerry jumped to 2S, so I went straight to 4S. He wasn't done, though, and after my 5H Blackwood response, which Ken doubled, he went to slam and made it. The opponents had a pretty easy 2S after that, with a play for slam (more likely in notrump, since I got a spade trick as well as Jerry's ace of diamonds), when Dan C. opened with a weak hand and then passed a forcing response. We struck back, though - I had S A-K-Q-x-x H Q-x-x D J-x-x-x C x, so I opened 1S, Ken bid 2D, Jerry jumped to 3H, and while we probably had a heart fit, I chose to bid 3S to keep the auction open. Ken bid 4D, and Jerry bid 4S, so I let it go - I couldn't really explore slam from my side of the table and 5H wouldn't have left us much room. Jerry had S J-x-x H A-K-J-10-x-x-x D x C A-x, and when Ken led a club and trump behaved, I wrapped up all thirteen tricks easily. Then it all went really wrong - Ken declared 4S and I had S A-x-x H 7-x-x-x D A-x-x C 10-9-x. Dummy had S K-J-x-x H Q-2 D K C Q-J-x-x-x-x. Jerry started with a heart, and Ken took the queen immediately and led a low spade. I really thought about taking the ace immediately and leading a club while Jerry still had a spade to ruff with, but I ducked, and all we got were my two aces and Jerry's ace of hearts. Jerry turned up with a club void, of course. That's what I get for not following through on my thought, especially when Jerry had been playing really well all day.

Today's Work: Almost entirely waiting for things to happen and then I came home. I made makeshift fajitas again, nearly forgetting the greens. Fortunately, I had some salad mix that wasn't Caesar. It worked reasonably well.

Tomorrow, I'm off because I have an appointment with a sleep specialist, who will hopefully not be expecting me to have results from an in-home study that I wasn't able to get done ahead of time. If so, I'll just have to schedule another appointment for sometime in August.


Yes, I'm THAT Nidoking. Sometimes I write fanfiction... often I waste all my time playing video games and watching anime. But it's not a waste if I enjoy it, right? I can quote from a movie, video game, anime series, or British comedy apropos of just about any situation, and one of my main goals in life is to entertain people. (The other big one is amassing as much anime and manga as I can... see below for a progress report.) That's me in a nutshell. ("Help! I'm trapped in a nutshell! What a bloody great nutshell this is!")
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