Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Good Bridge makes the rest of the day good

Today's Bridge: It's not often that I'm on the right end of a shutout, but today was a pretty stellar day. I started with a fairly okay hand - S Q-x-x H Q-x-x-x D A-x C K-x-x-x. The bidding went 1C-1S-2C by the opponents, so I cut in with 2H on a whim. It worked - Dan C. had S x-x-x H A-K-x-x D K-x-x C x-x-x. Ken started with the top two spades, then switched to a diamond. That gave me a chance to pull trump, and when they split, I got a round of crossruffing for five heart tricks, plus four on the side for an overtrick. Dan C. opened 3D on the next hand, and with S x-x-x H A-x-x D A-x C A-K-x-x-x, I was tempted to bid 4C, knowing that he'd correct back to 4D, which I was fine with. Instead, I passed, and that let Ken butt in with 3H. I bid my 4C over that, which Ken doubled, and Dan bid 4D as expected. Ken doubled that too. However, thanks to the heart bid, the opening lead was a heart to my ace. Dan C. crossed to his queen of clubs, then exited in hearts, much to my surprise. Ken led a third heart, which Dan ruffed (and Dan H. followed, much to my surprise), then he crossed to the ace of diamonds and ran the top two clubs, sluffing his spades. (I think he should have done that before the heart lead.) Dan H. ruffed the last club with the jack, but the only other loser was the king of trump. Contract made. We finished the rubber with a 3NT and moved on to another. I had S 3 H Q-J-x-x-x D A-Q-x-x-x C K-x or so, so I opened 1H, Dan responded 2C, I bid 2D, he bid 3C, and I completed the canape with 3D. He bid 3NT, which was clearly a waiting bid, because he'd vigorously denied spades. I corrected to 4C, and that was the final contract, made with two overtricks. I certainly couldn't raise the bidding, but having named at least twelve of my cards, I figured Dan should know my distribution and have all the information he needed to make the decision. So, it was with an 80 partscore that I picked up S A-J-10-9-7-6-5 H x D A-x-x C x-x. Dan H. opened 1C, and while that's a pretty good 3S hand, it has everything I want in a 4S pre-empt: A fairly solid 7-card trump suit, an ace on the side, and a singleton that isn't the ace. So that was the contract, and Dan's S 8-3 H J-x-x-x D K-Q-x-x C A-9-x was plenty. I took the opening club lead and ran the eight of spades to Ken's king. He led the eight of clubs to the nine and Dan's ten, and Dan led back a third club, which I ruffed. Fortunately, Ken had a third club, so I crossed to the king of diamonds to lead the low spade, expecting to have to guess whether to finesse or drop. I was going to finesse, playing for split honors (especially given the opening bid), but Dan dropped the queen, so I didn't have to. When the diamonds failed to split, I conceded the heart and made the contract. Finally, the opponents bid up to 5C despite my 1D overcall, and Dan C. doubled even though I was the one holding K-x-x-x of trump. He led a diamond through the Q-x-x on the board to my A-K-J-x-x, but Ken ruffed the third trick and crossed to the board in hearts. With only two trump in dummy, he was pretty helpless, but Dan turned up with the ace of spades as well, and I think we got a heart trick for off three. It was a good lesson for the opponents - sometimes, I'm actually not bidding on nothing.

Today's Work: I got an online account set up, which has been due all week, and started messing around with it a little bit. I've got to write some cover material to post tomorrow, and throw some data into it to see how it works. But getting it set up in the first place was a big step. And since they're reinstalling my laptop, there's not much else I CAN do.

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