Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

How can it only be Wednesday?

Today's Bridge: Kevin came over only to find us short a player, but Bruce came to fill the table, and it was a competitive day. They started with a game, but we struck back. The opponents settled in 2S, and with S Q-x H 6-x-x-x D A-Q-x-x C K-x-x, I doubled competitively. Dan H, my partner, found my best suit with 3D and made it with an overtrick. We weren't so fortunate in the following hand, where I tried to find a trump suit but Dan kept insisting on notrump. Bruce handed us a bunch of heart tricks, but then Dan threw away a heart, so it all evened out. Kevin opened 3C when I had S A-K-J-x-x-x H A-x-x-x D K-x-x or so, so I overcalled 3S. Given our partscore, Dan let me have it with S x-x-x H J-x-x-x D A-x-x C A-K-x. I took the opening club lead and threw a diamond and a heart on the clubs, then laid down the top two spades, finding a 2-2 split. I claimed my remaining seven tricks and conceded two hearts, since there was no way to get any more. Bruce tried for 3S, but Kevin had no spades or power to offer him. He was only off one doubled, though. Finally, Kevin went for 3H, and from S Q-x-x H J-10-x-x D J-x C Q-J-10-x, the jack of diamonds seemed like the best lead. Dummy was S K-x H K-x-x D K-Q-10-x-x-x C A-K. Kevin covered my lead and Dan took the ace and led back a diamond, on which Kevin sluffed a spade. He led a low heart, which Dan took with the queen and led back a third diamond, bringing another spade from Kevin and my remaining low heart. The play had marked Dan with the ace of hearts, so I led the jack and Kevin took the bait and rose with the king, losing to the ace. Dan thought for a long time before returning his last diamond, which I think was the right play - I wouldn't have led a trump if I didn't want a ruff, although in this case, I was just ruffing with the top trump anyway. Off one was a pretty good result, considering. We talked afterward about his prospects in 3NT, but I'd be leading the queen of clubs, and he decided that finessing Dan for the queen of spades would be a better chance than trying to drop the jack of diamonds. I'd take that immediately and lead the low club, establishing two club tricks. Kevin can't proceed without giving up the lead in either diamonds or hearts, whereupon Dan can lead me a club and I lead back whichever red suit, ending up with six tricks.

Today's Work: I spent the day babysitting the svn checkout, only to be told that because the way they installed my laptop makes it incredibly slow, they're going to re-image it from scratch. I still did enough of my checkout to fix the issues I had yesterday, but I need more materials to test it. I've got other things to do, too, of course. I keep neglecting them for the major task on my plate. It was a rough day because my neck was stiffer than I think it's ever been. Even Ben-Gay and acetaminophen together couldn't dull the pain. Guess I'll try another dose before bed, but my range of movement is okay for now.

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