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Today's Exercise: Rung 6, during the brief period while I was home. I'll explain shortly.

Man, what a weird day! We decided to get an early start and head to Circuit City, where there were some deals going on that were holdovers from Black Friday. Cheap digital cameras, Game Boy Advance SPs packaged with Metroid: Zero Mission, and free installation on car stereos. Curt was interested in that last one, so we drove there in two cars and got there just as they opened. He picked a stereo system he liked and they said it would take about an hour to install, so I bought a few things, including a GBA SP package and the cable to link it to my Gamecube, and we went to Arby's for breakfast. Yum. We got back with plenty of time and decided to browse some more. Curt bought a new graphics card for his computer, and I got to try out Donkey Konga and Jak 3. I figure steaksammich will be interested in my review of the latter so far. Donkey Konga was okay, but another one of those annoying rhythm games that I don't see much point in, so on to Jak 3. There were three preview missions available, and I played the first two. The first one featured a jeep with Twisted Metal-style controls and a similar mission to destroy Metalheads in what appeared to be velociraptors. The second mission was the more typical Jak-style exploration mission, with lots of enemies, a few puzzles, and a chance to try out things like the light and dark transformations and some of the weapons. Each weapon appears to have at least two barrels in this version, but I didn't experiment much with them. All in all, it looks like a great game in the tradition of the series, and the physics for the jeep part were great - it even went into slow motion if the jeep got kicked and sent flying. That was funny and cool. After that, we watched a bit of 9-ball (a big match between the U.S. and Canada... Tough to tell who was ahead at any time) and had to wait for them to install new speakers, because Curt's old speakers had blown. But he's happy with the sound, and the anti-theft device is a removable cover now rather than the code which ended up locking him out of the old one permanently... and it's got a CD player now.

We got back to the room, and Curt discovered that despite what Circuit City had told him when he bought the card, his computer didn't have an AGP slot, and they'd only take the open return for half of what he paid, and no refund at all on the warranty. BOO! I offered to go down and support his story about having been told that it would work, but he said he'd be okay and it was time for me to pack up and go home anyway. So I went with a carload of stuff, unpacked, and sat down to play some Metroid Prime Echoes. What? No game in the case! I messaged Curt, who was at Circuit City, and when he got back, he discovered that indeed, he had both his copy and mine. A bit of mutual confusion there. So I finished watching the cartoons from this morning, did my exercises, and ate my Red Lobster leftovers, then packed up just a few things for the night and drove back to Terre Haute. And that's where I am at the moment, pretty much ready to fall asleep at any time except that I know I'll just lie awake and be tired as always. As for Curt's video card, they eventually let him return it for the full cost minus the cost of a PCI card that he bought instead, and he says it's a vast improvement, with no slowdown at all under some very intensive conditions. He seems to like Miami Guns as well... Naturally. ^_^ We also just finished watching the first DVD of Angel Tails, ending at one of the nastiest cliffhangers in anime history... the sort of twist you'd expect from the next-to-last episode of any self-respecting series, but this one is in episode 4, right at the end of the first disc. Still, the characters are incredibly cute, even if there are far too many to keep straight. I think I've got them all down, now, until the next time I forget.

Anyway, I see tonight as a great opportunity to spend one last night away from home after having dropped off most of my stuff, taken care of the mail, and watched those cartoons so there's only tonight's cartoons to watch tomorrow. Which is good, because I need to do the major food shopping and hopefully get a haircut after driving home again tomorrow.

I haven't forgotten all the people I owe compliments to... those will most likely come up sometime tomorrow. Look forward to them! (Geez, I've been watching too much anime recently.)

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