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Today's Bridge: It was an interesting day. Bruce filled our fourth seat, which happened to be the one across from me. His bidding was erratic, to say the least. On the first hand, he bid diamonds twice with only four of them, and found himself short of both trump and power to make the contract. Then the opponents made a partscore, and I picked up S Q H K-Q-10-x-x-x D A-8-x-x C x-x only to hear three passes. Clearly, someone had passed an opening hand, and there was a clear favorite to have done it. So, knowing that my partner had something but having no idea what, I bid what I felt I could make - 4H. As I expected, he had S A-K-x-x-x H A-9 D K-9-x-x C x-x, and with a diamond lead, I took in hand, pulled trump in three rounds, cashed the queen of spades, and crossed to the king of diamonds to throw my clubs on two more spades. When Dan C. threw away his fourth diamond along the way, my diamonds were worth a second overtrick, but of course, you can't bid a slam with two losers off the top. It's pretty cold for five against any normal distribution, though - if the opponents start with their clubs, they can't take their diamond winners before I've had the chance to sluff them on the spades. Even a bad trump split shouldn't cost us more than one trick, making 4H cold against any distribution aside from a 5-0 diamond split that would be worth two or three ruffs. That hand pretty much set the tone for the rest of the rubber, as we two-putted our way to the next game, then started the next rubber with a game where I probably overbid, but I figured Bruce was underbidding and my distribution was sound, with a singleton ace in the opponents' suit. Ken ended with a 3D that was technically unbeatable - we started with two heart tricks, but Bruce switched to spades rather than leading hearts through Ken's void into mine. A good thing, since Ken's trump vastly overwhelmed mine, and once we had four tricks, Ken decided to take a risky club finesse because he forgot that dummy's hearts were all good. He didn't expect me to have the king of clubs for my weak spade bid (I'd overcalled his 1D with 2S), but Bruce had already shown the A-Q of hearts and the ace of spades, so the king of clubs would have given him a hand even he wouldn't likely have passed.

Today's Work: We got some test reports to look at, which is fortunate, since the problem that had been keeping everyone occupied is no more. Some members of the team feigned unhappiness about that this morning. I think you had to be there.

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