Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Secret Hitler looks like a fun game, but I'll never find enough players

The snow didn't look that bad when I woke up, but at the time I would have been on the road, the wind really picked up and visibility dropped to almost nothing. Fortunately, I was feeling about the way I did yesterday morning and decided to join the people staying home today. It gave me a chance to use my personal computer for research that would have been difficult to do at work, and to put off finding out how I-69 looks for one more day.

It hasn't been a good week for springs - the left button on my mouse, the spacebar on my keyboard, and the button that opens the screen door from outside all seem to be stuck. The first two still work for the most part and are easy enough to replace (in fact, I still have the wireless replacements that came with the computer that I just haven't bothered to use because I hate replacing batteries), but I've just had to start leaving the screen door ajar when I leave. I may poke at the door later, but I'll probably have to figure out how to replace it before too long. Or at least make sure I can open the window panel from outside and maybe just cut the screen open so I can reach the handle on the other side.

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