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It's peanut butter celery time

Today's Bridge: I actually drew the high card for a change. It was the opponents who took the early lead, by bidding a cold slam at game and doing everything they could to throw away overtricks, unsuccessfully (I'm sure they'd have taken yet another if they'd had the ace of trump), and we spent the rest of the rubber trying to catch up while they (mostly Dan C.) overbid us and got into contracts they couldn't make, but I couldn't even double the obviously off 4C with a singleton ten of clubs, when everything seemed highly distributional. I only got to play a 1NT, S x-x H J-10-x-x-x D K-J-x-x C A-x facing S A-Q-x-x H 9 D Q-x-x C K-Q-10-9-x. I made three overtricks when the opponents started with a spade to the king and a heart to the queen, but then switched to a club. When they held up the ace of diamonds for two rounds, I cashed clubs, bringing down the jack in the process, and still had two spades to cash. I have no idea where the tenth trick came from, but it was probably a third spade that established along the way. Had we bid 3NT, a spade lead sets up five cashing tricks for the defense and I can't get more than seven without giving up the lead. I thought the last hand was the most interesting, though. Dan C. opened 1C, Jerry overcalled 1D, Dan H. responded 1S, and with S Q-7-x H 9-8-x-x-x D Q-J-4 C K-x, I wasn't strong enough to do anything but pass, although I suppose the spades were just about enough to scrape a 1NT with the vulnerability. Not too thrilled about the clubs, though. Dan C. raised to 2S, which got passed around to me, and just to keep things open, I bid 3H. 3D is a better bid by far, but I don't think we can make either. Dan C. went to 3S before Jerry could say anything, though, and that's where they played. I led the queen of diamonds into S 10-x-x H K D K-8-7-x C A-7-x-x-x, covered by the king and ace. Jerry led back the nine, which Dan ruffed, and I threw the jack to unblock. Dan led a low heart to the king, then led a spade back to his king and led out A-Q-J of hearts, throwing three little clubs from dummy. In what I think was the key play of the hand, Jerry ruffed the jack with the ace of trump, paving the way for me to pull trump once I got back in the lead. Jerry led the ten of diamonds, which was ruffed, and a club to the ace followed. Dan tried to ruff another diamond with the five of spades, but I overruffed with the seven, cashed the queen of spades to pull the last trump from his hand, and led the nine of hearts. Letting that go would have meant giving up the contract immediately, but when he ruffed, the last card in dummy was a club, which he was forced to lead to my established king. Sort of made up for Jerry giving up the first contract in 2D when he neglected to pull trump and watched all his winners disappear in a crossruff.

Today's Work: I got a few new assignments and a bunch of huge documents that I need to comb through looking for certain subtle things that I can modify to make another document look a bit less trivial. That's my day in a nutshell. Speaking of which, bringing a cup of peanut butter to go with the celery worked really well. It's a mess to clean afterward, but I think I'll have to keep doing it.


Dec. 15th, 2015 03:41 am (UTC)
You can buy individual serving packs of peanut butter if you like. It's a bit more expensive but very convenient.
Dec. 15th, 2015 03:43 am (UTC)
That's a thought. I just already have a jar of peanut butter specifically for use with celery and I don't eat much celery in the evenings.
Dec. 15th, 2015 04:59 am (UTC)
It'll run out eventually. :D

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