Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Truth really IS stranger than fiction!

Today's Exercise: Rung 5 again. No DDR was included in the performace of this exercise routine.

Mike and I were partners, and it was our day. I think we started right off with a bid 4H, made 6 due to some less than spectacular defense, and I know I opened 2D with S x-x-x H 10 D K-J-10-x-x-x C K-J-x, Paul S. jumped to 3H, and Mike bid 4D. I passed that, of course. Paul led the ace of clubs, and what Mike had was S A-K-x H A-x-x D x-x-x-x C 10-x-x. Paul followed with a low club, giving me a free finesse, and I played to a spade and led a low diamond up. Queen, king, low. So I ran a trick of low diamonds to pull the ace and got another club, the ace of hearts, another spade, and conceded the last spade to make 4 exactly. We won the first rubber and kicked butt in the second as well... Dan blew a notrump contract that he could have made, but he led the wrong suit and gave Mike two spades instead of cashing his good hearts. Then, in the final hand, Mike laid down five spades for the last tricks to set them 3 doubled. (The power of the lead-directing double... I had a singleton jack of spades, the last thing I'd have led, but Paul S. had bid spades first and Mike doubled, so I led a spade. Sure enough, that was Mike's power suit, and it was my lead that set it up for him. Had Dan not taken the ace, he'd have made the contract.)

Good news today... "We just wanted to let you know that the following item(s) that you ordered from the Anime Corner Store have been shipped out, and you should be receiving them very soon." Take a random guess which item that is. Yep!

We got some KFC tonight to eat while watching Tokyo Godfathers... great movie. Curt's the one who noticed that the number 12-25 kept popping up... the date, the number on the taxi, addresses... then we watched Hey! Spring of Trivia, which was another great show and proved that truth is stranger than fiction. Viz: Remember the Simpsons episode where they go to the library to research famous people and Marge tells the story of Mozart, played by Bart? He wrote a song about beans and farting in that episode. Well... the REAL Mozart wrote a song called "Lick My Ass". But that was only the second highest rated bit of trivia on the show. The highest was the fact that an ant won't die from falling, no matter how far. It's quite true, because the ant hits terminal velocity after the first ten centimeters. So any greater distance than that is equivalent. I suppose falling into something like acid would kill it, but that's death from acid, not from the fall. And nobles in the Edo period in Japan hired people like nuns to take the blame for their farts. It's all true, and it's all funny. Spike TV, Thursdays at 9.

I'd have been done most of this a while ago, but someone I met at AWA finally contacted me (the night before Sugoicon ^_^), so I spent a good while talking to her. I haven't even packed for the con yet, but it wouldn't make sense to leave much before 9 tomorrow anyway.

At work, I pulled out the bad PCR fix and everything else looks good, so I committed it before I left work today, and everything looks good to move on to the final phase to the delivery we're not actually making. And I've got something cool to look into next week.

And now it's off to bed to rest up for the hopefully non-grueling trip to Sugoicon. It's not a long trip, especially after the ACen and AWA trips, and ESPECIALLY after trips home and back. I'll see if the connection works at the hotel and whether I have time to post anything... might be quiet for the weekend followed by a bulk post on Sunday evening. I'll see dragoni82 and danightman there, and everyone else('s comments and entries) when I get back!

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