Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I found the minigames in Akiba's Trip. Weird but kind of fun.

Naturally, we didn't have enough for Bridge today, but we got a big game of Star Fluxx going. I didn't win.

My blood glucose reading today was 100, which is a huge drop from yesterday and well within a healthy range. This worries me. It's good to be healthy, but it shouldn't have dropped that much. It could be because I did the reading after my shower, just to see if that would make it easier. It didn't. If a reading tomorrow is in a similar range, maybe that's a good sign. This could also just have been a fluke, or a misread. If it really did drop that much, then I'm concerned, but at least the endpoint is good. I may have to start eating more sugar sooner than I thought.

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