Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Spades: A succession of underbids on my part, and a few hands where the spades split horribly. I think the project lead had something like four times the spade total of his partner. We lost by quite a bit.

The problem I thought I had to fix on ADCP actually turned out to not be a problem. And I fixed it, too... so I have to remove the fix tomorrow. Plus, I need to arrange the U-Haul rental and submit address changes for all that stuff I did four months ago, plus cable and phone service and so on. Lots to do, and lots of time... most of which will be spent at work.

I released ADC chapter 6 to the FFML today, and it turned out not to need any revision aside from one slight typo generated by Ryoga's stupidity. Darn Ryoga. He even gets ME lost! Otherwise, I've been too busy chatting and playing games to write much tonight. I'll get to it soon.

Peace out. War in. Seems the natural conclusion, don't you think?

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