Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Having things to do doesn't always help, but it can't hurt

My eyesight hadn't improved today, so I went back to the clinic that prescribed the medicine. Their wait time was an hour and a half just to get into a room, so I went across town to the clinic I used to go to when I lived up that way. The doctor there said that it was probably the cough medicine that's causing the vision problems - it's normally given in 400 mg doses per day, but my prescription was 600 mg. He told me to stop taking it immediately and prescribed some medication to deal with my chronic allergies. He said that should deal with the problems I started with as well as the side effects of the other medication - my vision should be back to normal some time tomorrow. I hope so - I'd hate to have to take off work or bum rides from coworkers after tomorrow, and I have a few places to drive tomorrow whether my vision has recovered or not. That's the most interesting part of today, anyway. I beat the South Park game finally, but I already knew how it ended. I missed a few things along the way that I may or may not be able to get after the fact. We'll see.

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