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Today's Bridge: It was a long-awaited return to the table, and perhaps Bridge missed me, because almost everything went my way. The opponents started with 3C with two overtricks, and I had no interest in the hand because there was no defense. Then I picked up S K-10-9-8-5 H Q-x D Q-x C Q-10-7-5, another thoroughly uninteresting hand. I passed, and the auction went 1H-2H-3H (possibly with another suit bid in there) before I jumped in with 3S. Jerry and Kevin passed that, and Dan H. doubled, understandably - I had, after all, jumped into an auction where I had no business saying anything but pass. Jerry led a heart, and Kevin showed me S 7-6-2 H K-x-x D x-x C A-9-8-6-2. Dan H. took the ace of hearts on the first trick, which I think was a mistake - even if I had a singleton heart, taking the ace gives me the king as a winner to sluff a losing diamond, whereas if I take the queen on the first heart trick, I have a loser remaining and one that I'll have to ruff later (or do a loser-on-loser play, which is still a loser). He led the jack of clubs back to the queen, king, and ace, and I had a problem because that was my board entry for the king of hearts. Still, with the honors gone, I still had a club entry as long as the suit split, so I crossed to the queen of hearts and led the five of clubs back to the six, with the opponents supplying the three and four. It was entirely ostentatious, but it left me with two-way communication in the suit. I threw a diamond on the king of hearts at last, then finally set to the spades, leading the two to the queen, king, and three. No surprise that Dan had the ace to support his double. The clubs were obviously my main source of tricks, so I needed to pull the rest of the trump. I led a low one, hoping the honors would crash, but Jerry played the four and Dan took the jack. I think he led a diamond to Jerry at this point, and I ruffed the diamond return, leaving me with two spades. I led one to pull the ace, and all I needed to do was ruff the red suit return and cash two club tricks for four clubs, three spades, and two hearts. My next hand was the rather amazing S A-K-J-9-x-x H K-Q-10-9-8-x C K, so when Jerry opened 2D followed by two passes, I felt no bid described my hand better than 3D. Jerry threw in a "since you insist" before replying 3S, and all I needed was one of the rounded suit aces to make slam the place to be, so I jumped to 5S. He left it there, and when Dan doubled, I already had the pass card out before I realized that I should redouble. Perhaps that's best - we ended up losing the two obvious aces, and nothing else. The jack of hearts even came out early. With that rubber complete, we started the next one with a game that I don't remember (four of a major probably - Kevin played it and made it), and then I opened 1D with a pretty weak hand, something like S J-x-x H Q-x D A-K-x-x-x C x-x-x. It's a terrible hand for opening, especially vulnerable, but we were on a roll. We were playing in Tier 1, where we can do no wrong and everything will go our way. I think Jerry overcalled 1S and Kevin bid 2C, which wasn't my ideal response, but it worked. I bid 2D, and he went to 2NT. I probably should have left him there, but with short hearts, I thought 3C was a better place to stop even if we were 4-3. He jumped right to 5C, Jerry doubled, and we were off three mainly due to some crossruffing. There may have been another undertrick in it, but 800 we could come back from if we made another game. S Q-x-x H Q-10 D A-K-10-x-x C J-x-x. I was squeamish after the last hand and declined to open this one, so Jerry started with 1C and Kevin and I dominated the rest of the auction. He doubled, I jumped to 2D to show my strength, and he bid 2S. I figured he might have both majors and not diamonds, and his spades were much better than his hearts, so I bid 3S to show my support. He went back to 4D, and I had to think for a long time before I finally figured we were likely to still be in Tier 1 and raised to 5D. The opening lead was a club into Kevin's S A-x-x-x-x H K-9-x-x D Q-7-4 C A. Having taken the first trick, I needed to ruff away my clubs, but entries to my hand outside trump were going to be pretty scarce. My best hope seemed to be in hearts, so I led a low one and Dan H. put in the jack. That saved me a guess, as I covered with the queen and Jerry took the ace. I think he led a top club, so I ruffed low, crossed to the ten of hearts, and ruffed the jack, gratified to see Dan follow once more (although I expect Jerry would have bid more actively with seven clubs to the K-Q-10). With clubs no longer a threat, I cashed the queen of diamonds just in case Jerry had short hearts and a singleton trump, then ran the king of hearts, sluffing a losing spade. When Dan followed to the nine of hearts, I threw the other spade, and Jerry ruffed with the jack, making the rest of the hand even easier. He led a low spade, but I rose with the ace, ruffed a spade back to my hand (low, which was a mistake, but it didn't turn out to matter - Jerry was certainly out of diamonds even if he had a singleton spade), and had nothing left but good trump. It was a pretty great way to end a rather good day.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful from my perspective - some big things are happening to other people, but I think the best I can do for most of those is ignore them. I'm getting pretty good at that.

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