Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Reverting has its ups and downs

Today's Bridge: I predictably drew out, but I've started a spreadsheet to track my draws to support my theory that I draw out a disproportionate number of times on average. Meanwhile, I figured out that I can climb the dark backgrounds as a spider in Shantae, so I'm at the mountain area where I presume I'll find the final town and the dungeon with the final transformation.

I didn't sleep as well as I did over the weekend, possibly because I slept in quite a bit over the weekend and couldn't really do that this morning. I still got to work on time, so I just need to get back into the rhythm of waking up earlier until DST ends and disrupts that. If I can get an early day or two, I might even be able to do that commentary. It hasn't been my best day, health-wise, but at least I'm back to the familiar problems I used to have before the whole medication thing started.

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