Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Maybe I should always sleep standing up

Today's Bridge: I don't think I've lost any skill from my time away, but I messed up a 3S where the opponents cashed four tricks off the top - I had K-Q-8-x-x of trump to Ken's A-10-9, and Paul had pre-empted in 3C to my left, so when he led a club through Ken's void toward Jerry's marked void, I had to ruff with the ace to avoid an overruff with the jack. I then ran the ten and lost to the jack, which was Paul's only remaining spade. I still had one board entry in hearts, so what I should have done was crossed to the king just in case the layout was what it actually was, to catch the singleton jack offside, then crossed back in hearts to run the finesse once and back to my hand in hearts to pull the jack if it was still out. I can't win with a 4-0 split of the remaining spades anyway, so there was no need to guard against it by finessing on the first round. That left us in 5D on the next hand, while the opponents had four tricks off the top, and then off in 2NT with bad splits all around. The opponents missed what I think was a grand slam in clubs by closing in 4NT (we have a convention for ace-asking starting with 4H, but after 1S-1NT-3C-4H-4S-4NT, even I took it as a natural notrump), then picked up a 4H that Jerry couldn't miss no matter how hard he tried (and he really tried, failing to pull trump before cashing his winners). We finally got some success when the opponents bid 3NT - I had all of S 10-8-x-x H K-9-x D K-x-x-x C 4-3 to support Ken's two club bids, and he started with the nine of clubs from his K-Q-J-9-8 to the singleton 10 on the board - S A-K-Q-9-x-x H J-x-x-x D x-x C 10. Paul cashed two spades, pulling Ken's singleton jack with the first one, then exited with a diamond to Ken's ace. Ken led another diamond, so I went up with the king as instructed and led back a club to his eight. He went with a heart this time, and I let the jack win in a desperate ploy to draw a spade lead. Paul obligingly led the nine of spades, which I covered, and I had nothing to lead but another diamond. Paul won that, but had no way back to the spades and ended up giving me the king of hearts for the setting trick. Had he cashed the queen of spades first, I think he had everything he needed, but then, if Ken had started with the king of clubs, he'd have had four club tricks in the end with the ace of diamonds as a guaranteed entry/setting trick, and my red kings would have been bonuses.

Obviously, given that I played Bridge, I made it to work today, but it was a close thing. When my alarm woke me, I got out of bed, but was so dizzy that I got back in and lay there for a few hours before getting on with my morning routine. So, tonight, I've opted to take the Ambien a bit earlier to make sure the effect wears off in time for me to make it to work as regularly scheduled. I was planning to stay awake for a while, since it always takes me a long time to fall asleep even after I get into bed, but I'm starting to feel it kicking in only twenty minutes later - my breath is getting heavy and I feel a little woozy. Maybe getting into bed will fix that, because there's no way I'm falling asleep this early. At least I didn't forget anything critical when I left the house.

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