Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Saving Steven Universe for a time when we can better enjoy it

Today's Bridge: Lots of sets, but I bid the opponents out of a 3NT that looked pretty solid and they found 5D that was equally solid - and Jerry even gave up an overtrick when he established the jack of clubs but didn't cash it. I don't think anything else was particularly memorable.

Today's Work: It was a late day, but I got to hook up to the device and do some testing. Things are working well, so I just need to add all the functionality that wasn't pre-built for me. The evening was kind of a mess of running around looking for medication, but I got it done in the end and made a pass through my commentary. Turns out the game volume was too loud, and I already forgot to turn down the music volume before I started recording, so this first video will be a complete mess. I may need to raise the volume at a few critical points. Nothing I haven't done before.

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