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Today's Bridge: I got to play again, and we came out on top in the first rubber, even though I declared most of the hands at game. I picked up S K-Q-x-x-x H K-Q-J-x-x-x D x C K with a 60 partscore, and Paul opened 1C. I jumped to 2H on my length more than my strength, but I liked having the singleton king in his bid suit. He bid 3H, which was more or less a slam invitation, but with nothing useful to say, I just raised to 4H. He took that as intended and bid 4NT Blackwood, and when I bid 5D, he closed in 5H. I considered raising to slam, but trusted my partner. With S A H A-10-9-8 D x-x-x C A-J-x-x-x, I don't think Blackwood was going to help much anyway, but it was worth a shot. Obviously, after losing the first diamond, we get the rest almost without trying. Then I had S x-x H A-Q-x-x D 10-x-x C A-Q-x-x. Paul opened 1S, 2C, 2D, and even though we weren't using Fourth Suit Forcing, I felt 3NT was the right place to land. He had S A-K-10-x-x H x-x D A-J-x-x C 10-x, I think. I didn't have to run as many finesses as I thought I would, because when I led a small spade to the ten as a safety play, it held, and the suit split 3-3 besides. So I got five spades, and one of the finesses early on, so I went for the heart finesse, it failed, and I decided to take the ace of diamonds instead of the winning diamond finesse to make the contract exactly. We ended with another one of those hands where I stretched for a reasonable contract - I picked up S A-K-Q H x D A-K-x-x-x C Q-J-x-x, so I prepared to double Jerry's inevitable heart opening bid. It was 3H, but I doubled anyway, and Dan H. redoubled. Paul bid 4D, so I bid 4NT - if he had both missing aces, I felt slam was appropriate, and even if he had neither, 5D seemed safe. He bid 5C, so I closed in 5D, and we only missed it because Jerry's club was a singleton. It was still the right contract and we just had bad luck.

Today's Work: Mainly rumors of a new project I can start on next week. I'll get details at the last minute, barely in time to decide whether I can work on it from home for the first day - which is generally frowned upon, so I might just be taking the day off. At least I actually made it to work on time, barely, so we had time in the evening to go to Best Buy so my guest could use the gift certificate to get some birthday gifts. I picked up the complete series Blu-Ray of Future Diary while we were there, just because.

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