Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Waiting for side effects

I didn't get much sleep - looks like the new medication may be just as bad as the last one. It's early yet, so I can't really tell, but if things get any worse or persist after the weekend, I think I can call SSRIs a failed experiment altogether. We couldn't even round up three Bridge players for lunch, but Paul and I gave Chinese Auction a try, and it was definitely an interesting experience. It's fun when you have to strategize based on where cards are as well as which cards they are, and when you can only see half of your cards (and half of the opponent's cards) when you bid. I got a problem at the start of the work day to look at when I had the time - I figured out what it was as soon as I saw it in action and had a fix for it shortly after that. I'm very good at my job.

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